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Ruled by Greater Good
World Canticle
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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Beacon is a floating city on Canticle.[1] it currently has a population of less than a hundred and thirty-five people.[2][3]

Geography and Resources[edit]

It is unknown in what corridor Beacon flew before rebelling against the Cinder King. After rebelling they flew at the South Pole and near the equator.[citation needed]

Beacon needs sunhearts to fly, unlike on Union however, there are always volunteers from among the sick and the elderly.[citation needed]


Like all cities on Canticle, Beacon is made of many smaller ships that can link together to be steered as one. The layout of the city changes as ships separate and recombine in different arrangements, but generally the farther out from the center one goes, the smaller the ships get. The largest ship containing the Chorus is always at the center.[4]


Beacon is ruled by the Greater Good, three old women by the names of Confidence, Compassion and Contemplation. When one of these women dies, a new member is appointed.[citation needed]

The Greater Good also elect a Lodestar, the Chief Navigator.[5]


Beacon was a Union between a smaller community and a number of people from Union. For most of its history it flew in an unknown corridor. At an unknown time the Cinder King conquered it and assigned a few people along with some Charred to rule it.[citation needed]

After some time the people decided to rebel against the Cinder King.[citation needed]

Known Residents[edit]


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