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Solemnity Divine
Profession Engineer
Residence Beacon
Ethnicity Threnodite
World Canticle
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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You want to know how bad it is? I'd offer that we're somewhere between 'Oh, shades, what a mess' and 'I didn’t even know that part could come off!'

—Solemnity Divine[1]

Solemnity Divine is the lead engineer on Beacon.[2] She helps Nomad design and test ways to get Beacon over the mountains blocking its path.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Solemnity Divine is a tan-skinned woman with long dark hair. Nomad remarks that she could have passed for an Alethi.[2] She is often sarcastic.[3][1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As an engineer, Solemnity Divine's expertise focuses on repairing and replicating the technology already on Beacon. While she may understand more practical subjects, by her own admission her understanding of things such as fluid dynamics and aviation science is limited.[4] However, Nomad notes that her and her engineers are more skilled than they give themselves credit for.[2]


When Nomad attempts to explain why the engines of Beacon give out at elevations with low atmosphere, Solemnity Divine is the least lost person in the room. She explains to Nomad that her people have little time to devote to researching aviation.[4]

Nomad creates a prototype for an engine that would work in a vacuum. After this first iteration explodes, he gives the schematics to Solemnity Divine and her engineers to improve upon. While she and some of her best colleagues work on the engines, Solemnity Divine tasks the rest of the engineers to sealing the air into the largest of the ships that make up Beacon.[2] The engineers create three new prototype engines, only two of which explode.[3]

Nomad tells Solemnity Divine that they need to start fabricating engines. She feels they aren't ready, but does so anyway.[5] The engines manage to barely pull off the feat of getting Beacon over the mountain. It crashes into the ground on the other side and sustains some damage. While Nomad and a team of Beaconites travel to acquire new sunhearts, Solemnity Divine and her engineers are able to fix Beacon.[5]

Solemnity Divine is left for the sun with the other Beaconites. When Nomad arrives to try to save them, he enlists Solemnity Divine's help in getting the supercharged sunheart ready to power the dome and the Dawnchaser. She pilots Nomad to Union in the ship.[6][7]


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