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Abilities Worldhopper
Groups Night Brigade
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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Truth-Is-Waiting serves as a staff sergeant in the Night Brigade.[1]

His name suggests that he is possibly from Threnody/a threnodite offshoot culture.


Sometime after Nomad skipped to Canticle, The Night brigade flew there.[2]

At some point they went down to the surface, encountered a city and stole one of their ships.[1]

A day after Nomad skipped away, possibly to UTol, The Admiral, Truth-Is-Waiting and some other members of the Night brigade arrived at Union, posing as a ‘delegation’ from a town in a different corridor. During their time here, Truth-Is-Waiting was sent to talk to the natives to find out what they knew, after talking with them he returned to the stolen ship and reported what he had learned, which wasn’t much, he had however learned that there was a Scadrian research ship nearby.[1]

After this they visited the Scadrians, trying to get as much information about Nomad as possible.[1]


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