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Midnight Essence

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Midnight Essence
Spren in the Wall.jpg
by Ben McSweeney
Type Spren
Abilities Splinter, Shapeshifting
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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The Midnight Essence is a type of spren created by Re-Shephir, the Midnight Mother.[1] It was one of the Ten Deaths and fighting it changed a person.[2] Dalinar experienced them in one of his visions, while Shallan and others had to deal with them while fighting Re-Shephir in Urithiru.

Appearance & Behavior[edit]

The Midnight Essence's skin is smooth, slick, black, and reflective.[2] They could appear in a variety of shapes. In Dalinar's vision, they had six extremely thin legs that were bent at the sides with clawed paws. Their body seems almost fluid, with a long and flexible neck and sharp teeth that appeared like knives. They also give off a putrid smell. The Midnight Essence created by Re-Shephir in Urithiru were humanoid, mimicking the appearance of people in the tower.[1] But they can also change shape at will, being able to squeeze themselves into a hole and wriggle away to escape pursuit.

The Midnight Essence in Dalinar's vision had no eyes. It hunted by smell, and made a soft wheezing whispering sound when hunting for a scent.[2] Its body was soft, and gave a little when it was struck. When the skin was pierced, the Midnight Essence bled smoke. If the Essence was damaged enough, its entire body would deflate with a hissing sound, leaving behind a skin that looked like a sack of black silk. The Midnight Essence's mouth was a weak point on its body.

Midnight Essence can be fairly clever as well, wary when facing a skilled or determined opponent.[2]


The claws of the Midnight Essence were powerful enough to seriously damage Shardplate.[2] It was quite strong, able to burst right through the wall of a barn. As it hunted by smell, it could track people in the darkest night. They also often hunted as a pack. The Essence was seemingly impervious to fire. They were also swift, both while running and while fighting.


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