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Shards Odium
Investitures Unknown
System Rosharan system[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Braize is a Shardworld in the Rosharan system, the same system as Roshar and Ashyn.[2] It is the third planet from the system's sun.[1]

Odium is currently on Braize, although his presence is still felt on Roshar.[2] Braize is, according to Khriss, cold and inhospitable. However, despite being too cold to support life, many spren live there. Braize is unlikely to get its own books, but scenes from The Stormlight Archive will be set on Braize.[citation needed]

Braize is known to the Vorin people as Damnation. [3] The Heralds were transported to Damnation for torture between the times of the desolations indicating that there may be a settlement on Braize where it was done. For this reason we can assume that is where Talenel was held after Aharietiam in the last days of the oathpact.

It appears likely that Odium is imprisoned on Braize and as such seeks more than anything else to be released. During the Battle of Thaylen Field, Dalinar says that Odium can either leave Roshar alone or destroy it but he cannot be free unless he is released and promises this as the leader of the refounded order of Knights Radiant and Bondsmith, should they lose a contest of champions. Odium agrees but is driven off by Dalinar's grand merging of realms after Odium tries to select Dalinar himself as his champion but is refused.


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