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Lady of Wishes.png
Children Essu
Died 1175, Stabbed by Navani[1]
Abilities Fused
Titles Lady of Wishes, Lady of Pains
Species Singer
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Raboniel is a scholar, but not the kind you would wish to work beneath.


Raboniel is one of the Fused scholars on Roshar.[2] She was one of the Nine until she decided it was too limiting. She organizes the operation for the Fused occupation of Urithiru, and with the help of Navani Kholin developed Warlight, as well the method to create Anti-Stormlight and Anti-Voidlight.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Raboniel is described as a tall, narrow-figured femalen Fused, with a tall topknot of red-orange hair and carapace like a helmet and very long arms and fingers.[2][3] She has remained sane even after seven thousand years. However, she is exhausted from the unending war in which both the Fused and Radiant spren cannot be killed permanently. She is obsessed with ending the war to the point that nothing else matters to her. Raboniel showed immense grief upon her daughter's death.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like other Fused, Raboniel cannot be killed by conventional means and she can heal using Voidlight. She is a type of Fused called the fannahn-im or "Ones of Alteration".[2] She is shown to be able to turn weapons into dust and to be able to breath out an apparently toxic compound.[5]

As a scholar, Raboniel is perhaps the most knowledgeable of any Fused regarding fabrials and Lights.[2][6] She also has a degree of cosmere awareness, including knowledge of arcane items from other planets.[7]


The last return[edit]

During the last Return, she developed a disease intended to kill all humans on the planet; although it turned out to affect singers as well, she released it anyway. However, it did not work as expected, as fewer than one in ten humans was killed, and one in a hundred singers.[2]



Raboniel was impressed with the scholarly work that Navani has done, and she requested that Navani help her in developing Warlight. With both their efforts they managed to develop not only Warlight, but also Anti-Stormlight and Anti-Voidlight. Raboniel then used Anti-Voidlight to kill her Fused daughter Essu.

Later, when Raboniel revealed her plan to use Anti-Stormlight to kill the Radiants' spren, Navani used a fabrial trap to stop Raboniel, and then, with what remained of the weapon Raboniel used to kill her daughter, stabbed Raboniel. However, since there wasn't enough Anti-Voidlight Raboniel was left in a weakened state.[8]

When Navani was subsequently attacked by Moash, Raboniel latched onto his foot and clawed at him to buy time for Navani.[9] Navani later returned and killed Raboniel, treating her with the utmost respect.[1] She left a note on Raboniel's body saying it is not to be disturbed.


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