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Holder Skai
Slivers None
Splinters Skaze
Status Splintered
Magics AonDor, Dakhor, ChayShan, Forgery, Bloodsealing[1][2]
Residence Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Dominion is a Shard of Adonalsium.[3] The original Vessel of Dominion was Skai.


Dominion. This is why on Sel, people from different lands have different forms of investiture. People from MaiPon can forge, and people from Elantris can use Aons. They have 'dominion' over different lands.


The only known mention of Skai is in The Letter.

Before the events of Elantris, Skai was killed by Odium, and Dominion was Splintered.

Associated magic[edit]

Unknown. It has however, been confirmed by Brandon that the seons are splinters of Devotion created by that shard's splintering at the hands of Odium, it is logical to assume the skaze have the same relationship to Dominion. [4]

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Please read carefully and note that this is not necessarily canonical.

Dominion and Devotion together make up the Dor. They did not work together, as Ruin and Preservation did, rather their Splintered remains merged in an unknown way and made the Dor. It is postulated that Dominion—meaning land, or country under control—is the reason only people of certain nationalities can access the Dor in certain ways.[disputed][5] It is likely that being born in that country does not matter, it instead being related to feeling a devotion toward it. MaiPon people alone can use Forgery, and a map of MaiPon goes on the back of soulstamps. Only people of Aonic descent can be taken by the Shaod, but only if they are in Arelon at the time. Aons contain maps of Arelon as well.


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