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Ethnicity Svordish
Capital Seraven
Region Opelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

That is why you lack the riches and blessings found in nations like Jindo and Svorden.

Svorden is a small country on Sel.[2] Its capital is Seraven.[3]

Svorden is located on a peninsula at the northeastern-most tip of Sycla. The country borders Fjorden to the southwest, with Fjordell forts just across the border. to the south, Svorden is separated from Geant and the city Velf by a river. The rest of the country is bordered by the Sea of Fjorden. The capital, Seravan, is at the northeastern tip of the country.[2] Svorden is sixteen million four hundred thousand seven hundred and seventy-two steps from Elantris.[4]

It was overtaken by the Fjordell Empire.[4] Svorden is politically the second most important nation in the east and are a close ally to Fjorden. Unlike other nations in the Fjordell Empire, Svorden has maintained a strong national identity.[5] To the people of the east, Svorden is considered a province of Fjorden in all but name.[4] Svorden had once sent gifts, including a table, to the Rose Empire, but the current relationship between the countries is strained.[6] They are known for their navy, which is currently under Wulfden the Fourth's command.[5][7]

Svorden is the center of culture and learning in the east.[8][9] They have a well regarded university that Lukel and Jalla have studied at.[4] Discoveries that have come out of Svorden is the idea that humans can only earn six languages and an eclipse occuring when the moon falls into the planet's shadow.[8][10] Along with JinDo, they have managed to keep their own language and become wealthy.[5][1] Shai, a citizen of the distant Rose Empire, is able to read Svordish literature, although she finds it quite difficult.[11] Svorden has fine locksmiths employed by Wyrn.[12] Many people in Svorden follow the Derethi religion.[5] Svorden shark fights are a form of entertainment.[13] There are Svordish epics about different heroes.[14]

Jalla is the only currently known Svordish person. Notable visitors to Svorden include Lukel[4], Hrathen,[1] and Sarene.[3]


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