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Capital Seraven
Region Opelon
World Sel
Featured In Elantris

Svorden is a small country on Sel.[1] Its capital is Seraven.[2]

It was overtaken by the Fjordell Empire.[3]

Svorden hosts a University and it is said to be the cultural epicenter of the east.[4][5]

Elantris Glossary Description[edit]

Svorden: Easternmost nation in Sycla. Svorden is a political alley of Fjorden. However, unlike most nations to the east, Svorden has been able to maintain a strong national identity, despite Derethi encroachment. It is the only eastern nation besides JinDo that has maintained its own language, and it is the second most politically important eastern nation. It is known for its university, its culture, and its naval prowess.[6]


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