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Magic Splinters of Dominion; possibly related to Dakhor
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

The skaze are Splinters of Dominion that live on Sel.[1][2] The skaze have many similarities to the seons that also live on Sel. Like the seons, they appear as sentient floating spheres of energy that can converse with humans. Unlike the seons, however, the skaze are very rarely seen or discussed during the events of Elantris.

Appearance and composition[edit]

While the seons glow with light and have an Aon at their center, the skaze are described as dark, seeming to suck in the light around them, with indistinct edges that blend into the air.[3] skaze also have a ring around their sphere with a "pattern of misty symbols".[3] The skaze have some relationship to and may be named after Dominion's Vessel Skai.[4] This is similar to the relationship of seons to Devotion's Vessel, Aona.[5]


Most likely due to Dominion's Intent, the skaze are "pretty thirsty for power".[6] Brandon has referred to them as "evil seons".[7][4] The skaze are "reliant upon humankind",[3] but it is not known if they have masters like the seons. It is unknown if the skaze were affected by the Reod.


They have a large amount of influence in the politics of Fjordell[8] and strongly influence the Dakhor.[9] Dilaf, the leader of the Dakhor, had information from the skaze that the Elantrians were not indestructible.[10]

Hoid talks to a skaze and they appear to have some kind of agreement.[3] This is a kind of equal partnership.[11] Hoid reflects on the fact that the skaze have a wide range of emotions and individual personalities.



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Raoden notices "ancient Fjordell characters" seemingly carved into a bone retrieved from a dead Dakhor monk.[13] Based on the nature of AonDor and other Selish Investiture, it is very likely that these glyphs are related to the magical powers of the Dakhor. Assuming that skaze and Dakhor are both of Dominion, then the symbols seen on the "halo" around the skaze may be the same glyphs, much like Aons appear inside each seon.

Odium visited Sel in the past[14] and the description of the skaze as dark to the point of sucking in light is very similar to some small black spheres related to Odium that are seen on Roshar. However, Brandon has confirmed that Odium did not leave his own power on Sel,[15][16] so this is likely a coincidence.


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