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Teo Royal Family
Spouse Daora
Children Kaise, Daorn, Lukel, Adien
Siblings Eventeo
Relatives Sarene, Teorn
Aliases Dreok Crushthroat
Profession Pirate
Residence Kae
Nationality Teo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Kiin is a Teo sailor on Sel.


Kiin's children

He is the older brother of Eventeo[1] and rightful king of Teod. He was married to Daora and sired two children, Kaise and Daorn. He acts as a father to Daora's other two children from a different marriage, Lukel and Adien.

He was the infamous pirate Dreok Crushthroat, though he meant it to be Crushedthroat for his scratchy voice. His axe was transcribed with an Aon Reo which means "punishment." About five years before the Reod, he attempted to take the throne from his brother, attacking Teoras with a fleet of pirates.[2] Though he was older than his brother and therefore the legitimate owner of the throne, his attempt was unsuccessful, and he fled the country.

After the failed coup, he took up residence in Kae under the name Kiin. Kiin's name is based on Aon Kii meaning "justice."

He is an extremely skilled cook, able to make cuisine of many countries. The fact that he cooks for his family is abnormal in Arelon, where nobility usually hire cooks to do the job. He fears servants due to the revolution started primarily by servants during the Reod. [1]


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