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Teo Royal Family
Spouse Daora
Children Kaise, Daorn, Lukel, Adien
Siblings Eventeo
Relatives Sarene, Teorn
Aliases Dreok Crushthroat
Profession Pirate
Residence Kae
Nationality Teo
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris

Kiin is a Teo sailor and merchant on Sel.[1] His name is based on Aon Kii, meaning "justice." Kiin is Sarene's uncle and the rightful king of Teod. He is also known by the name Dreok Crushthroat from his time as a pirate, though he meant for the name to be Crushedthroat for his scratchy voice.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kiin is a large man with wide brown eyes that always seem to hold laughter. He is not only extremely tall and broad, but he is both very pudgy and very muscled.[1] He wears a beard as a young man, but he shaves it after moving to Arelon.[3] Ever since his accident, Kiin speaks with a deep, scratchy voice.[1]

As a younger man, Kiin has a reputation as an adventuring sailor and a heroic figure.[4] He wears exotic clothing and brings Eventeo's family expensive gifts.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kiin is extremely skilled with his axe--sufficiently so to kill a monk of Dakhor.[2]

He is an extremely skilled cook, able to make cuisine of many countries. The fact that he cooks for his family is abnormal in Arelon, where nobility usually hire cooks to do the job. He fears servants due to the revolution started primarily by servants during the Reod.[1]


Kiin (top) with his children Kaise, Daorn, and Adien

Kiin was the older brother of Eventeo[1] and rightful king of Teod. He ought to have inherited the throne, but he gave his time as a youth to pleasure voyages and exploration, visiting foreign ports while Eventeo stayed at court and helped his father rule the kingdom during his bouts of sickness. Because some minor crisis happened to occur at the same time as their father's death, Eventeo found himself filling the role of king and was crowned while Kiin was away on a trip. When he returned, he furiously demanded the crown back. Eventeo refused, and banished Kiin.[2][4]

During the following years, Kiin gathered a naval force consisting of pirates, Teo deserters, and mercenaries. It was during this time that he suffered an accident that crushed his throat and nearly died. Afterwards, he took the name "Dreok," after Aon Reo ("punishment"), and took his navy to Teod to take the throne by force. He fought with an axe transcribed with the Aon Reo.[2][4]

Eventeo won the battle, though only barely. Kiin barely escaped with his life, and went to Arelon to recoup and plan his next invasion. However, he fell in love with Daora, and slowly began to loose his hard edge.[4] He and Daora sired two children, Kaise and Daorn. He acted as a father to Daora's other two children from a different marriage, Lukel and Adien. Kiin became a merchant and using his experience from his travels, Kiin was very successful.[1]

Kaise was born around the time of the Reod. Daora and Kiin were horrified by the violent servant uprising in the Reod, and never hired servants again.[1] As Kiin was very rich, he was offered a title by Iadon multiple times, but he always refused it.[5] Daorn was born about two years after the Reod. Three years later, Adien was taken by the Shaod. Unwilling to have him thrown into the city, the family concealed Adien's condition with makeup and kept him close to home.[6]

When Sarene arrived in Arelon, Kiin went to welcome her and invited her to eat at his house.[1] He introduced her to his children and suggested that Sarene stay in his house, which she declined.[5] Kiin and Lukel explained the political situation to Sarene and introduced her to the other members of Raoden's resistance group.[5][3]



When Sarene is a little girl, she can't pronounce "Uncle Kiin," and nicknames him "Hunkey Kay." She has a vague idea that he is a merchant because of the gifts he always has for her when he visits in between trips. Her understanding of his absence is that he left on a voyage like any other and ended up settling on some far island. After Sarene comes to Arelon to wed Raoden, she reconnects with Kiin.[1]


Kiin is the older brother of Eventeo. After Eventeo being crowned king, the two fought and eventually Kiin lost and was banished. The two did not communicate after that event despite Kiin only moving as far as Arelon, even after Kiin eventually lost his hard edge.[2][4]


Shortly after moving to Arelon, Kiin fell in love with Daora. They eventually married and had two children.[1]


Kiin and Daora had two children together, Kaise and Daorn. In addition, Daora had two children from a previous marriage, Lukel and Adien, who Kiin acts as a father towards.[1]


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