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Elantris-Kae Map.jpg
Nation Arelon
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

The city of Kae was one of the four gate cities of Elantris, and becomes the capital city of Arelon after the Reod.[1] The people of Kae try to ignore Elantris and its curse as much as they can, while Kae itself lies in the shadow of Elantris and seems like an insignificant village compared to it.[2]

Geography and Defenses[edit]

To Kae's west lies Elantris, while the foothills of the Dathreki Mountains lie to the east.[1] The Aredel River runs around the northern edge of the city, past the palace,[3] and ultimately merges with the Sea of Fjorden, which forms the bay that boasts the finest port on the northern Arelene coast.[4] Despite Kae's lack of fortifications, the city having only a five foot high stone wall around its border and a very spread out and disorganised structure, it has almost never been attacked. This is due to the fact that small thieving bands are kept away by superstitions surrounding Elantris and larger thieving bands are often bribed by noblemen to stay away.[5] After the Reod there is a total force of around 1000 soldiers in Kae; if Lord Eondel's legion is added to those, there are just under 1500 soldiers.[6]

Economy and Politics[edit]

Post-Reod Kae is the seat of Arelon's aristocracy. Due to this, it does not reflect Arelon's economic hardship and merchants exist to cater to and support the pompous tastes of the nobility. It is described as a lush, well maintained city, with no beggars in sight.[4] The absence of beggars is not due to the apparent wealth of Kae, but rather because King Iadon forbade beggars and if they were found, they were sent to the farms.[7]

At night, Kae is described as a sea of flickering lights, another sign of its wealth,[6] and it is said to be one of the safest cities in Opelon.[8] The houses in Kae are said to be separated and squat in their build[9], with streetlamps scattered through the city and a circle of lights running around its formal border.[7]

A few things around the city are reminiscent of the glory days of Elantris. Those include the sewer system, which used to supply every household in Kae with running water[8], and the perfectly circular wall surrounding the inner city, out of which Kae has spilled.[7]


Kae was built at the same time as Elantris and the other gate cities, in the shape of a massive Aon Rao. Elantrians and their human families lived in Elantris, and the gate cities were filled with other human citizens of Arelon. Elantrians formed the entirety of Arelon's government, and the rest of Arelon's populace was largely classless.

When the Reod struck, Elantris and its citizens were reduced to shells of their former selves, and in the upheaval that followed the Merchants' Guild, as the only organized group that was not reliant on the Elantrians, seized control. Iadon was crowned king and Kae became the new capital of Arelon, while the other gate cities depopulated as Arelon morphed into an agricultural economy.

Just before the Invasion of Arelon, Kae is described as a cold and lifeless, its economy weakened, then completely destroyed by the political uncertainty leading up to Duke Telrii's ascension to the throne.[10] During the Invasion of Arelon, Kae was the main battleground, with fires blazing through the city and Dakhor monks slaughtering the population.[11] After the invasion, Kae was almost completely destroyed.[12]

Notable Residents[edit]


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