Sea of Fjorden

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Sea of Fjorden
Type Sea
World Sel
Universe Cosmere

The Sea of Fjorden is a body of water on Sel.[1] It is named for Fjorden, the largest country on the continent of Opelon (or Sycla).


The sea lies between Opelon and the northern continent that contains Teod.[1] It takes about five days to travel across the sea from Teod to Kae.[2] A number of small islands dot the sea between Arelon and Teod and also near Svorden. Arelon, Svorden and Fjorden all have long coastlines on the sea.[1]

History and Use[edit]

The Teos originally crossed the sea from the area around Arelon to colonize their peninsula.[3] Teod was long thought to have the region's most powerful military armada, although the Fjordell Empire's annexation of Svorden and its navy significantly bolstered its fleets.[4][2]

The sea is used for both transportation and mercantile activities. Elantris, Teoras, and Widor are all port cities.[2][1] The water is saline and smells of brine and sea life,[5] and a food fish known as trike is plentiful.[6] Merchant fleets are common, including those owned by King Iadon and Duke Telrii,[7] despite attacks from pirates such as Dreok Crushthroat.[8][9]


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