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Sycla-Opelon Map.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
Shards Devotion, Dominion
Perpendicularities The Lake
Investitures AonDor, ChayShan, Dakhor, Forgery, Bloodsealing
System Selish system[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris, The Hope of Elantris, The Emperor's Soul

Sel is a Shardworld of the cosmere and is the setting of the books Elantris and The Emperor's Soul as well as the short story The Hope of Elantris.

Sel is inhabited by humans and artificially created beings called Seons and Skaze. This Shardworld is a relatively large planet, being 1.5 times the size of the cosmere standard, and contains diverse landscapes home to multiple great civilizations including at least two empires.[2]

Another name for the planet is Seol.[3] People from Sel are called Selish.[4]


The location of the planet Sel within the larger cosmere is as-yet unknown, though it is known to orbit a yellow star named Mashe while in turn being orbited by a single moon named Oem. Its size is 1.5 cosmere standard and its gravity is 1.2 cosmere standard [2].

Geography and Culture[edit]


The story of Elantris and the short story The Hope of Elantris are both set on a continent on Sel called Opelon by those in the west[5] and Sycla by those in the east[6]. There is a vast desert to the south of the known nations of the continent.[7]

Fjordell Empire[edit]

Most nations on Sycla have been subsumed into the Fjordell Empire. The empire is ruled by a leader known as Wyrn, who is also head of Shu-Dereth, which has been used as a vehicle to dominate nations. The Fjordell Empire is, on the surface, completely Derethi. However, many of the people of the empire, especially those in back-country areas like Hrovell, still secretly follow their old religions, like the Jeskeri Mysteries.

The Fjordell Empire is made up of the following nations:


Located to the west of the Fjordell Empire, Arelon is the only remaining independent nation on Opelon. The capital of Arelon is the city of Elantris, which is a monarchy ruled by the Elantrian King Raoden. Under the king, there is a class of nobles who control various plantations throughout Arelon. Their primary function is to distribute food to the people of Arelon. Arelon controls the area to the west of the Atad Mountains, and south of the northern ocean. Arelon is mainly made up of followers of the Shu-Korath religion, although there are still remnants of the old pagan religion that worshiped the Elantrians. There is also a small number of followers of the Jeskeri Mysteries.

The Northern Continent[edit]

There is another continent north of Opelon. No official name for this continent has been revealed.


The nation of Teod is located on a small peninsula attached to the northern continent.[7] The capital of Teod is Teoin, and its ruler is King Eventeo. Teod's martial strength exists mainly in the form of its navy, which dominates the northern sea, protecting Teod's borders from the Fjordell Empire. Unlike the rest of the northern continent, Teod is within Opelon's cultural sphere of influence. For example, the nation's state religion is Shu-Korath, which originated in Opelon. The Teo people are also of Aonic descent and are therefore related to the Arelene and Dula people of Opelon.

Rose Empire[edit]

North of the Teod peninsula, beyond the mountains, is the Rose Empire[8]. This empire has many provinces, including but not limited to Mulla’dil, MaiPon, Dzhamar, Ukurgi. The empire maintains a little-used mountain pass that leads to Teod.[9] Unlike Teod, the Rose Empire has limited cultural exchange with the nations of Opelon, though it has some diplomatic relations with Svorden and JinDo. They are believed to have made contact with the Fjordell Empire, as a southern ambassador with red armor is mentioned. Certain segments of the population seem to have a concept of Realmatic Theory.

The story of The Emperor's Soul is set on the Rose Empire.

A Possible Third Continent[edit]

This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
Please read carefully and note that this is not necessarily canonical.

The cosmere scholar Khriss talks of Sel's "three great domains" that are relatively dismissive of each other.[2] This implies a third yet unknown "great domain" aside from the two empires already mentioned. No other information is known about this third domain, though it is likely on another continent.


300 years before the Reod
The Fjordell First Empire collapses[10]
The Fjordell nation adopts the Shu-Dereth religion[11]
100 years before the Reod
Baron Shuden's family move to Arelon[12]
60 years before the Reod
Dilaf is born in Fjordell[13]
50 years before the Reod
Dilaf joins the Monastery at Dakhor[13]
40 years before the Reod
Teod expels all Derethi priests from its territory[14]
20 years before the Reod
Hrathen joins the Derethi priesthood and spends a short time at Dakhor Monastery[15][13]
Dilaf leaves Dakhor for Arelon[13]
15 years before the Reod
Princess Sarene is born in Teod[16]
10 years before the Reod
Dilaf's wife, Seala, accidentally made Hoed by a failed Elantrian healing [17]
5 years before the Reod
Seinalan made Patriarch of Shu-Korath in response to Wulfden becoming Wyrn of Shu-Dereth[18]
Dreok Crushthroat attempts to take the throne of Teod but is defeated[19]
2 years before the Reod
Prince Raoden's mother dies[16]
The Reod occurs, fall of Elantris, rise of the merchant class[20]
Eshen is married to King Iadon[16]
5 years since the Reod
Adien taken by the Shaod[13]
8 years since the Reod
Soine, daughter of Telrii, taken by the Shaod[21]
9 years since the Reod
Prince Raoden is first contacted by princess Sarene[22]
Five months later she proposes[22]
Hrathen is assigned to Duladel Republic[23]
Six months later the Duladel Republic collapses[22]
10 years since the Reod
Raoden is struck by the Shaod and sent to Elantris[5]
Sarene arrive in Arelon[16]
Hrathen arrives in Arelon[6]
1 month after Raoden is struck by the Shaod
Iadon hangs himself[24]
Telrii is crowned king[25]
2 months after Raoden is struck by the Shaod
Raoden discovers the need for the Chasm line in Aons[26]
Raoden and Sarene are crowned King and Queen[27]
The invasion of Arelon[28]
Unknown number of years later
Shai spends 100 days forging Ashravan's soul.


Each manifestation of Investiture on Sel use symbols, shapes, or forms to access the Dor.

  • AonDor uses symbols called Aons, which can be drawn directly in the air as glowing light, or in a large variety of physical representations, such as etched into metal plates, or incorporated into the design of buildings. Anyone can learn to draw Aons, but they only have power when created by an Elantrian. AonDor is tied to the land of Arelon and is only practiced within its borders. Aons work elsewhere but become weaker with distance from Arelon.
  • ChayShan is not explored much in Elantris, however it seems to consist of a type of meditative martial art practiced in JinDo, with the forms one moves through granting access to the Dor. It appears that, like Aons, these forms can be practiced by anyone without supernatural effect[29], with additional factors such as intent or bloodline establishing the connection to the Dor.
  • The name for the manifestation of Investiture used by members of the Dakhor Monastery has not yet been revealed, though it is referred to as Dakhor by the fandom after the monastery. Dakhor monks have unnatural and twisted bone structures that form patterns under the skin. These patterns are most likely the 'form' through which they access the Dor.[30]. Some Dakhor magics require human sacrifice, such as instant transportation.
  • Forton's potions are Invested[31], and is likely the manifestation of Investiture on Hrovell. It is not yet known what forms are used to create these potions.
  • Forgery involves shaping a specific form, by the carving of a sort of stamp, and then the application of ink to the stamp, and then applying a mark onto the desired object or person. Supposedly the forgery helps the object (or soul) remember a different past, or a likely destiny in order to change the actual essence of the object. Many sub-types or are mentioned, such as Soul Forging, Resealing, and Remembering. It is unclear if there are other subtypes.
  • Bloodsealing is very similar to Forgery in that it requires stamps, but rather than using ink, they use fresh blood. It is thought of as abominable and unsettling by most.
  • There is a type of Investiture not seen yet that is "about patterns".[32]


Sel is the most realmatically knowledgeable of the known Shardworlds.[33] The planet is home to two Shards, Devotion and Dominion, and their powers have influenced many Selish traditions, religions, and languages.[2]

At some point in Sel's distant past, Odium killed the Vessels of both Devotion and Dominion and Splintered the two Shards.[34] The collective power of the Splintered Shards became somehow trapped in the Cognitive Realm, and is now what Selish people call the Dor.[2]

Because of this, while travel to Sel is possible via the Cognitive Realm (for example, one can use a Perpendicularity that exists in the form of a pool of sapphire-colored liquid near Elantris), the raging uncontrolled power of the Dor makes travel in that manner "really tough"[35][36].

Hoid has visited both Arelon and the capital of the Rose Empire.[37][38]


  • Initially, Brandon had the shadows of Elantris falling on the city of Kae at dawn. As Kae is to the east of Elantris, this indicated that the sun rises in the west on Sel. However, in the Anniversary Edition, this has been identified as an error and corrected.[5]


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