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Selish system
Starchart sel color.jpg
Shards Devotion, Dominion
Notable Planet(s) Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Elantris, The Emperor's Soul

The Selish system is a planetary system in the cosmere. It is named after the second planet orbiting the star. The system contains four known planets in total and one unnamed dwarf planet on the edge of the system.

Celestial Bodies[edit]

Mashe is the parent star in the Selish system. There are four planets and one dwarf planet orbiting Mashe. It also has an asteroid belt and a comet belt.[1]
The planet closest to Mashe. While within the system's habitable zone, the planet is barren, uncomfortably warm, and prone to terrible dust storms. Donne is also known as Doo.
This is a planet containing the Shards of Devotion and Dominion. Sel has thriving human civilizations that have produced multiple empires and that make use of various manifestations of Investiture. The planet is also called Seol, perhaps from the Aon Seo meaning "loyalty" or "service". It has one moon, Oem, which is a pale white blue.[2] Beyond Sel lies an asteroid belt.
Located after the asteroid belt, Ky appears to be a gas giant with four moons. It is also known is Kii, which is the Aon for "justice".
A gas giant with five moons and a ring system. Ralen appears to be the largest planet in the Selish system. It is also called Raa. A comet belt lies beyond Ralen.
Unnamed Dwarf Planet
This small body lies just outside the Selish system's comet belt.


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