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Aon Ire.svg
World Cognitive Realm
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive, Mistborn

The Ire (pronounced eye-ree) are a group of Elantrian worldhoppers from Sel who have constructed a castle in the Cognitive Realm between worlds.[1][2] The Aon Ire, presumably their namesake, means age or time.[3] They are mostly or completely bald, have dark, silvery skin, and glow slightly.[4]

Kelsier finds their base in the Cognitive Realm. He is spotted by a guard and initially mistaken for a cognitive shadow from Threnody. The Ire engage a device to detect shadows from Threnody, and reveal that they have forces on Threnody's border.[4]

Kelsier steals a device from them that is capable of influencing a Shard during Ascension.[5] Alonoe meant to use the device to become the next Vessel of Preservation.

The Ire predate the Reod and were not on Sel when it occurred.[6]




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