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Abilities Elantrian, Worldhopper
Groups Ire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Elrao is a member of the Ire,[1] a group of Elantrians from Sel[2] that have taken up residence in the Cognitive Realm.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Like many of the other members of the Ire, Elrao is incredibly old.[4] He has silvery skin that glows faintly, typical of Elantrians.[5][1] Although aging works differently in the Cognitive Realm,[6] Elrao has the appearance of a bald, unnaturally old man.[1] As a member of the Ire, he wears a traditional hooded white robe with silver embroidery.[1] Elrao is cautious, and seems to question the ambition of Alonoe more than his colleagues.[7] His name is based on Aon Rao.


Elrao was present when the Ire met in their fortress in the Cognitive Realm after Kelsier (as a Cognitive Shadow) spooked the group when he was noticed snooping nearby.[1] Elrao was seen drinking an unusual glowing liquid during the meeting.[1] He questioned Alonoe's desire to move up the timetable of their planned attempt to take Preservation's power using a special orb, although he ultimately went along with her plans.[1]

Elrao was one of the members of the Ire that set off on the expedition to find Preservation. He carried a decoy orb, as Alonoe kept the real one.[7] As Kelsier began to sow chaos, Elrao became fearful of Ruin's interference and suggested turning back, but was overruled by Alonoe. After Kelsier separated Alonoe from the group, he tricked the rest of the party into thinking she had somehow disintegrated, and Elrao led the rest of the party in a hasty retreat.[7]


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