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Sorceress's tower
Type Spacecraft
Captain Riina
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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The Sorceress's tower is a spaceship in the possession of Riina. It is the ship she used and lived in whilst on Lumar, landing on the Sorceress's island in the Midnight Sea.[1] It is controlled by an entity named Seslo, who follows the orders of Riina.[2] The spaceship itself is built like a conventional rocket with a single booster at the bottom, when landed on her island this booster is not visible thus causing locals to mistake the structure for the 'tower.'[1]

The outside walls are made out of a single layer of silver, this makes the structure impossible to scale or stick to.[3][4] Due to the silver any aethers that touch the outside the tower die, which protects the tower from any enemy sprouters or rogue Midnight Essence.[5][6] There are only two entrances and exits into the building, the first the main entrance that she walks through and one for her 'ravens' that she uses as familiars. Both doors are locked by modern means but as local Lumarans do not understand the technology they presume it to be another case of the Sorceress's magic.[3][4]

Internally the tower resembles an office building with clear hallways with a single red carpet leading through them. Along these halls there are various aonic symbols carved into the structure. It is unclear if these served any purpose or are purely decorative. Although resembling a hospital room, the Lumarans generally consider the structure beautiful as they have no equivalent elsewhere. The inside consists solely of this hall and a staircase up to the top of the tower, where there is a bridge for the Sorceress to be based in.[2] There is presumably another room elsewhere in the vehicle that can store her metal army.[4]

From her tower, Riina watches over much of Lumar through hidden surveillance cameras.[2] This includes a camera on Fort's board, as its security hadn't been turned on.[2]

When Hoid and Tress force Riina to leave Lumar, she does so in her tower, removing it from the planet.[1]


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