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Died 1025 FE
Abilities Shard of Preservation
Titles Preservation
Aliases Mist Spirit, Fuzz, Terr,[1] Herr[2]
Groups Kelsier's crew[3]
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Leras is a human and the original Vessel of the Shard Preservation, originally from Yolen. He is nicknamed Fuzz by Kelsier.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is a short man with black hair, and a prominent nose.[5]

While he is still able, Leras appears to the souls of the dying on Scadrial in order to offer some comfort before they move on to the afterlife. He appears wearing a thin wool coat that reaches almost to his feet, as well as a laced shirt and a conical skirt tied by a belt holding a knife with a handle of bone.[4]


Pact with Ruin[edit]

As one of the sixteen people who shattered Adonalsium, he became the original vessel of Shard Preservation. As the vessel, his mind was warped to fit his Shardic intent, making it impossible for him to destroy, only to preserve things as they are. In an agreement with the Shard Ruin, he obtained Ruin's help in creating a planet (Scadrial), in return for allowing Ruin to destroy it. However, his Intent prevented him from actually allowing Ruin to destroy Scadrial. He orchestrated the downfall of Ruin on Scadrial with an elaborate plot to sacrifice himself (since holding Preservation meant he was unable to destroy). He sacrificed his mental capabilities to entrap Ruin in the Well of Ascension, effectively preventing Ruin from majorly affecting the world.


During the siege of Fadrex City, Leras appeared to Elend as the mist spirit, giving Elend important information pertaining to what needed to be done to thwart Ruin. This exposed Leras to Ruin's newly released power, and in his weakened state, he was killed by Ruin. His body then coalesced from the mists, before being buried in ash. Kelsier then takes up the power of Preservation, who then gives it to Vin. She then kills Ati, the vessel of Ruin, in a suicidal attack, completely against the intent to preserve. It's both because she had a bit of Ruin in her and because Preservation had less time to mold her to its Intent. This allowed Sazed to pick up both Shards to become Harmony.

Sazed later saw that Preservation had orchestrated the entire plot from Ruin's imprisonment to Vin and Ruin's mutual annihilation, saving the world.

God Metal[edit]

The god metal of Preservation: the name lerasium is inherited from Leras, the name of the original holder of the Shard Preservation, just as the name atium is inherited from Ati, the original holder of the Shard Ruin. When burned, lerasium endows the user with allomantic powers, with power proportionate on the amount consumed.[6]

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