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Shards Unknown
Investitures Unknown
System UTol system[1]
Universe Cosmere

UTol is a planet inhabited by Sho Del in the UTol system of the cosmere.[2][1] It is noteworthy as one of few worlds to be inhabited by Sho Del and possibly for other reasons as well.[3][1]

The world forms a double planet system along with Komashi, and their barycentre orbits a large red-orange sun.[4][1] The planet itself is covered primarily by oceans, with relatively few land masses.[2]

Nomad likely Skipped to UTol after he left Canticle.[3]

Relationship with Komashi[edit]

From Komashi, the planet appears in the sky as a pale, soft blue "star" known as the daystar; it is the only celestial body whose light is able to penetrate the shroud.[5][6] Yumi considers the appearance of the daystar to be an encouraging omen from the hijo.[6]

Hoid does not fully understand how the light from UTol penetrates the shroud on Komashi, although he believes it is related to Virtuosity's Splintering in the region.[5] The Splintering had the notable effect of creating the hijo on Komashi,[7] but it is unknown if it affected UTol and its inhabitants.

Research and Exploration[edit]

Nagadan scientists on Komashi have been actively observing UTol, initially using telescopes and later employing a hion-powered "space bus" to orbit the planet.[8][2] Their surveys indicate that the Sho Del have some settlements on the planet's limited land masses, but primarily reside on the oceans, in boats. The Nagadan have not detected any radio signals from the planet, and theorize that UTol does not have any technologically advanced societies.[2]

Shortly before the battle of Kilahito, the space bus landed on UTol and made first contact with the Sho Del, but the results of that meeting are unknown.[2]


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