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Space bus
Type Spacecraft
Creators Nagadan
World Komashi, UTol
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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The "space bus" is a hion-powered spacecraft that was used by a group of explorers from Nagadan on Komashi to travel to UTol.[1] It was then stolen by Hoid and Design.[2]


For an unknown reason (possibly related to Virtuosity's Splintering),[3] UTol was the only celestial object visible through the shroud that covered Komashi for over 1,700 years.[3][4] This caused it to be of great interest to the residents of Komashi during that time period.[5] As Nagadan technology advanced, astronomers were able to use telescopes to determine that the "star" was in fact an inhabited planet.[6] However, no radio signals were detected from UTol, leading the Nagadan to conclude that its inhabitants were less technologically developed than their own society.[7]


The spaceship functions similarly to the trains and buses found in Nagadan, riding along a pair of hion lines that originate on Komashi; the lines for the ship project from the planet into space.[7][8] The hion provides both power and guidance, and the ship presumably must remain connected to the lines at all times.[7] Nikaro believes that the hion lines for the space bus were strengthened somehow in order to cover such a large distance.[1] A nonresident of Komashi can manipulate the hion to navigate the ship.[2]

The vessel was capable of reaching the Iron Seven Waystation, which lies an unknown distance from Komashi.[2]

Mission to UTol[edit]

The vessel traveled from Komashi to UTol with a crew of astronauts on board, and completed one orbit before landing. During the orbit, the explorers confirmed the lack of radio signals from previous observations and performed a survey of the limited landmasses on the planet, finding a few settlements but theorizing that many of the residents lived on boats in the expansive oceans. Once the explorers landed, they used a camera to show the inhabitants as non-humans with four arms, shocking Nikaro, who had believed the "star" to be the homeworld of Yumi. As hion viewers can only display in magenta and teal, the explorers had to describe the skin tone of the aliens, describing them as pale, the color of "chalk".[1] It is unclear what happened after the astronauts encountered the aliens, but the ship returned to Nagadan at some point.[2]


After Yumi destroyed the father machine, Hoid was freed from the paralysis he had suffered since arriving on Komashi. Unwilling to wait the three years before he and Design could next be "picked up" by an unknown party, Hoid agreed to follow the Cryptic's plan to steal the spaceship and pilot it to Iron Seven Waystation, likely allowing the pair to leave the UTol system. Design's simple plan, involving Hoid imitating one of the astronauts (possibly using Lightweaving) to gain access to the ship, was successful.[2] The subsequent fate of the ship is unknown.


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