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Profession Painter
Groups Nightmare Division
Residence Kilahito
Nationality Nagadan
World Komashi
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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Tojin is a nightmare painter from Kilahito on Komashi. He works closely with Akane,[1] and is the first painter willing to help Nikaro when he comes seeking help prior to the battle of Kilahito.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tojin is a young man, about twenty years old, with flat features and a square chin.[1] He is quite muscular--especially his arms and upper body.[3] This due to Tojin's favorite hobby being weight training. He likes to challenge himself, and sees his body as a tool that he works to improve beyond what he thinks is possible. Tojin often shows off his muscles in public, though he seems to do this out of a genuine desire to share his accomplishments rather than to draw attention, and he is quite shy when confronted about it. He likes to train with others, such as his friend Gaino, encouraging them and giving advice. His speech frequently uses weightlifting metaphors.[4] Tojin likes to eat spicy food.[4]


In upper school, studying to become a nightmare painter, Tojin joined a group of friends formed by Akane, including Nikaro, Masaka, and Izzy. He came to believe that Nikaro would join the Dreamwatch and that he would be one of his companions, but their friendship fell apart after this was found to be a lie.[5] After graduating, he became a painter and primarily worked as partners with Akane.[1]

After Akane took Yumi shopping, she invited Yumi to join her at the Noodle Pupil, where she first met Tojin.[3] In the weeks that followed, Akane struggled to convince Yumi to come out for dinner again.[6] Eventually, Tojin and the rest of the group "staged an intervention" and they convinced Yumi to come with them. While there, Tojin took off his shirt to share with Gaino his progress using the lat press his friend recommended. He gave some encouragement and weightlifting advice to another friend who was present. Izzy picked on him for taking his shirt off, and he shyly returned to the table. Yumi watched this exchange closely to understand the man better.[4]

Later, when Yumi and Nikaro attempt to go hunting for the stable nightmare, Akane and Tojin catch Yumi.[5] They bring her to the Noodle Pupil and try to impress on her the dangers of what she is doing. They also shared with her the truth about Nikaro's past.[7] When Yumi returned home to Nikaro's apartment, Tojin convinced Akane that she might go back out, and so the pair followed her discreetly. They lost track of her in the carnival but found her again after the stable nightmare attacked. When they encountered the nightmare, Tojin fell. Nikaro came to his rescue just before the nightmare attacked, and Tojin got a brief impression of his presence. Afterward Tojin informed foreman Sukishi about the stable nightmare and showed him the scene of the attack. He met up with the rest of his friends at the Noodle Pupil after the Dreamwatch had been called.[8]

Before returning to her world for the last time, Yumi approached Tojin and the others to tell them goodbye. She chastised them for their treatment of Painter, and Tojin argued that he couldn't pretend Nikaro's actions hadn't hurt him.[9] When Nikaro came asking for help for support for an impending nightmare attack, Tojin was the first to agree, and he convinced the others to support Nikaro as well.[2] Tojin fought at the battle of Kilahito, where he was the first after Nikaro to pick up the "we are the Dreamwatch now" battle cry.[10]



Gaino is a weightlifter who lives in Kilahito and is good friends with Tojin. Tojin found some advice regarding the lat press from Gaino very helpful. Gaino and Tojin meet sometimes in the Noodle Pupil and Tojin has removed his shirt to show the workouts effectiveness.[4]


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