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Noodle Pupil
The Noodle Pupil by Aliya Chen.jpg
Usage Restaurant
City Kilahito
Nation Nagadan
World Komashi
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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The Noodle Pupil, later known as the Noodle Princess, is a noodle restaurant in Kilahito on Komashi.


The Noodle Pupil was founded by Design, a Cryptic from Roshar who bonded with Hoid. After arriving to the planet, Hoid froze in time due to protections he put on himself to stop his memory from being tampered with again. Design started the shop with help from the assistant cook Namakudo and attracted lots of nightmare painters who would visit after hours or during breaks. Once Hoid was unfrozen, Design willed the shop's ownership to Yumi and Painter, who later renamed it the 'Noodle Princess.'[1]


Notable Patrons[edit]


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