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Izzy by Botanicaxu.jpg
Aliases Izzy
Profession Painter
Groups Nightmare Division
Residence Kilahito
Nationality Nagadan
World Komashi
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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Izumakamo, better known to her friends as Izzy, is an eccentric nightmare painter in Kilahito on Komashi. She has a unique fascination in hion viewer programs, having developed the idea of dramascopes, and is interested in becoming a viewer critic.[1][2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Approximately twenty years old, Izzy is a woman with long limbs and bleached yellow hair.[2] She is seen wearing trousers and a sweatshirt,[3] and occasionally wears white in contrast with Masaka's black.[4]

Izzy has a whimsical personality that often leaves her friends surprised and vexed, unsure of how serious she is being.[1] She sometimes changes the topic of conversation abruptly and forcefully.[1][3][4] Izzy is bisexual, and claims to be comfortable with the idea of dating an alien.[3] She pays very close attention to current events.[3]


At some point in time prior to her professional career, Izzy developed the idea of dramascopes--a form of divinatory practice which involves hion viewer programs alongside more conventional methods. She defended the practice adamantly despite her friends' doubts, hoping that it would one day make her rich and famous.[1]

In upper school, studying to become a nightmare painter, Izzy became friends with Akane, Tojin, Masaka, and Nikaro. She, with the rest of these friends, came to believe that Nikaro would join the Dreamwatch and that she would be one of his companions. Izzy became deeply distrustful of Nikaro after they discovered he was lying. After graduating, she became a painter and primarily worked as partners with Masaka.[4]

Akane introduced Yumi to Izzy at the Noodle Pupil during the yoki-hijo's first days in Kilahito, and after shaking her hand Izzy shared Yumi's dramascope.[1]

Later, when Akane reported Yumi had been spending too much time studying, Izzy joined her friends in encouraging Yumi to take a break and join them for dinner. At dinner, she noticed Yumi staring at a shirtless Tojin and teased him to put his clothes back on for Yumi's sake. When the topic of Painter came up, Izzy had little interest in talking about him and changed the subject to their spaceship, which was soon scheduled to launch.[3]

Izzy was quick to take off from work when Yumi was caught hunting a stable nightmare, and more than anyone else was intent on the yoki-hijo understanding Nikaro's history of lying. When Yumi supposed he might be telling the truth, Izzy was the first to point out that he can't have seen a stable nightmare because it would have attacked the city already.[4][5]

Before Yumi returned to Torio for a final time, Izzy informed her about the surprise ending of Seasons of Regret. The plot twist in this episode had a profound effect on Izzy, and inspired within her a desire to become a viewer critic and to write a book about the benefits of viewer programs for mental health.[2]

When Nikaro eventually returned and asked his friends for help in the coming attack, Izzy was incredulous when Tojin decided to assist Nikaro.[6] At one point during the battle of Kilahito Izzy froze up during an attack, and Nikaro pushed her aside and saved her with a painting of a bird.[7]



Izzy is particularly critical of Nikaro for the way he lied to them about joining the Dreamwatch. Prior to the battle of Kilahito, Yumi is often very outspoken with her negative opinions. While others in the group tend to discuss Nikaro with solemnity, Izzy frequently offers derisive laughter and dismisses everything he says as untrustworthy.[3] When Yumi is later caught hunting the stable nightmare, her friends try to handle the topic delicately while Izzy is adamant that Yumi understand her brother has a history of lying.[4][2]


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