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World Komashi
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
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Torio is a kingdom on Komashi that was destroyed by the father machine, it continued to exist as a simulation made from Investiture in several localized areas to serve as prisons for the yoki-hijo who survived the great reaping of souls that occurred upon the machine's activation.


It was destroyed by the father machine one-thousand seven-hundred and sixty-three years before the machine was eventually destroyed. Upon its activation, due to poorly created Commands, it conflated hijo and the souls of men, and absorbed both all across the planet, leading to the genocide of all of Torio and the creation of the shroud that covers all of Komashi.[1] The only survivors were the nomads who lived at the edge of civilization and a few yoki-hijo, who were too heavily Invested to be killed by the machine, and thus were kept in Investiture-based simulations of Torio in localized areas hidden in the shroud, and made to repeat the same day ad infinitum, constantly having their memory of the day erased.


They have a culture that deeply values the role of the yoki-hijo, as they provided many important devices required to survive and thrive. They also see them as very important figures in their religion, and deeply revere them.



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