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Groups Nightmare Division
Residence Kilahito
Nationality Nagadan
World Komashi
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
This page or section contains spoilers for Yumi and the Nightmare Painter!
This information has the ability to potentially ruin elements of the plot for the reader. Proceed with caution if you have not read this book.

Sukishi is an old nightmare painter foreman in Kilahito on Komashi. He has a small office in the Nightmare Division headquarters.[1]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Sukishi is a large man with white hair and the complexion of an elderly person. He wears thick trousers and a button-up shirt.[2]


Nikaro visited Sukishi's office earlier on the night that the painter first spotted a stable nightmare, to turn in two paintings of nightmares.[3] After Nikaro did not report for work the following day, the foreman stopped by Nikaro's apartment, where he met Yumi and asked her to have the painter report in.[2] Yumi later visited Sukishi's office to report that Nikaro was sick, and he did not believe the story. When Yumi then claimed that Nikaro faced a stable nightmare, Sukishi assumed it to be a complete fabrication on Nikaro's part and did not report the sighting to the Dreamwatch.[1]

Sukishi eventually had other painters cover Nikaro's territory, after he stopped showing up for work.[4] Later, when the stable nightmare was encountered once more, Tojin reported to Sukishi, who summoned the Dreamwatch after seeing the damage caused by the creature firsthand.[5]



Sukishi is aware of the way Nikaro lied about joining the Dreamwatch and skipped his classes, giving him an extremely negative and mistrusting opinion of the painter.[1] He also dislikes the way Nikaro repeatedly uses bamboo to paint nightmares, considering the technique to be lazy.[3] He was surprised by the idea of Nikaro having a woman in his apartment, after meeting Yumi there.[1] Nikaro can sense the man's contempt for him.[1]


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