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Sho Del
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Sapient Yes
World of Origin Yolen
Universe Cosmere

The Sho Del are one of the three sapient species from Yolen, alongside humans and dragons.[1][2]

Appearance and Culture[edit]

Sho Del are roughly humanoid in appearance; however, they possess four arms and reptilian eyes. They are tall and limber, and their skin and hair are both chalk-white, with the hair being broad and flat, more akin to blades of grass than human hair.[3][4] They are not a hive mind; in the fain ecosystem of Yolen, they fulfill the same ecological niche as humans do in a non-fain one.[5] Despite their connection to the fain, they are still able to venture out of it, and into the Cognitive Realm.[3]

Very little is known of Sho Del culture. It seems that their names are always comprised of two parts, though it is unknown what, if anything, each half represents.[6] They have multiple gods, and possess some sort of supernatural connection to them. It is unclear how that connection manifests, but it apparently makes them good navigators; as such, they are in high demand as guides through the Cognitive Realm. However, they are very rare out there.[3] It is unknown if this is due to most of them preferring to remain in their home lands, or if they are a small group overall.

At some point, the planet UTol was settled by Sho Del. These people were eventually met by human explorers from its twin planet, Komashi.[4]

Hoid apparently has interesting relationships with several Sho Del, though the specifics of it are unknown.[7]

Known Sho Del[edit]


  • The Sho Del are one of the few elements of Dragonsteel Prime that are still part of the canon of the cosmere.[8]
  • In Dragonsteel Prime, the Sho Del used silver sheaths for their swords; Brandon wrote that "intentionally" and it will probably still be a thing when he writes the Dragonsteel series.[9]


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