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A Splinter is a specific type of fragment of a Shard's power.

What are Splinters?[edit]

Brandon has not stated the complete definition of what a Splinter is. He has said that it is a term used by certain people in the Cosmere for a power of Adonalsium which has no person holding it and has attained self-awareness[1] (although not all Splinters are self-aware[2]). In a way they are the opposite of Slivers. Whereas Slivers are people who have been influenced by Shardic power, a Splinter is a thing that has never been human.[3] One distinguishing factor of a Splinter is that they often have an intent, separate from their Shards'.[4] Splinters are more strongly concentrated in the Spiritual and Cognitive Realms and less in the Physical.[5]

Known Splinters[edit]

Examples of Splinters are Rosharan spren (Splinters of Honor and Cultivation)[6], the Unmade (Splinters of Odium)[7], the divine Breath that Returned hold (Splinters of Endowment)[8], and the Aons inside of seons (Splinters of Devotion)[9]. Although there are no natural Scadrian Splinters (Ruin and Preservation never made any[10]), there are some Rosharan spren present in Scadrial's Cognitive Realm.[11]


Splinters can be formed either intentionally or unintentionally. Shards have the ability to actively split off a portion of their power to form Splinters (e.g. Endowment and the Returned). Splinters can also result from the destruction of a Shard (or a Vessel voluntarily giving up its power[12]), as was the case with Devotion, Dominion, and Honor.[13][14]


Certain types of Splinters are tied to their place of creation. For example, it's very difficult (although not impossible) for a spren to leave Roshar.[15]


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