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A Sliver is a human intelligence who has held all or a very large portion of the power of a Shard and has since released it.[1][2] There is a certain threshold of power where one would be considered a Sliver of Adonalsium. Every person on Scadrial has a bit of the power of Preservation, but they are not technically Slivers. Though there is some grey area in what it means to be a Sliver, individuals who have directly held the power of a Shard are usually termed Slivers. Elend, who became a full lerasium Mistborn, is not a Sliver, but is starting to get close.[3]


  1. All Slivers by definition must be a human first. Non human entities like spren cannot become Slivers.[2]
  2. A human must hold a large portion of a Shard, a single bead of lerasium is not enough.[3] Touching the Well of Ascension but not holding and using its power will not change a human into a Sliver.[Citation needed]
  3. Slivers must have used up that power or released it.

Qualities of a Sliver[edit]

Being a Sliver changes a person, there is a residue left behind in a person.[3] This residue has many effects, one of which is that a person who is capable of noticing Investiture would be able to look at someone and tell that they are a Sliver.[4] Holding a large portion of a Shard is similar to inflating a balloon.[5] It is unknown what effects this expansion of their mind and spirit ultimately has on a person. A Sliver knows it is a Sliver. This most likely has to do with the expanded consciousness gained from holding the Shard.[Citation needed][Clarification needed]

Known sources of power to become a Sliver[edit]

  1. Holding any Shard for any amount of time.
  2. The Well of Ascension

Known Slivers[edit]


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