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Universe Cosmere

In the cosmere, Sliver is a term generally used by scholars[1][2] for someone who previously held at least a significant portion of a Shard's Investiture and has since released it,[2][3][4] though the term can have a variety of meanings and its exact usage is something of a moving target.[2][5][6]


The effects of being a Sliver can vary, based on factors like the Intent associated with the Investiture they held and how long they held that power for.[7] In general, holding the amount of Investiture required to become a Sliver greatly expands a person's mind, allowing them to better use the vast power they hold.[8] When a person later releases that power and becomes a Sliver, their mind and soul do not simply return to a baseline, as holding that much Investiture has a lasting effect.[7][9] Some changes, such as how the Intent of a Shard will warp the mindset of its Vessel, will fade over time, while other changes are permanent.[10]

Despite having released the power they once held, a Sliver is still noticeably more Invested than the average person,[11] which likely contributes to some of their other traits. Most notably, Slivers can resist the pull of the Beyond indefinitely and choose to instead remain in the cosmere as a Cognitive Shadow if they wish.[12][13] Beyond that, they are also more capable of influencing the Physical Realm from the Cognitive and are more resistant to the influence and control of a Shard.[14][15]

Known and Potential Slivers[edit]

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Rashek and Vin are both Slivers as a result of holding Preservation's power at the Well of Ascension.[2] Kelsier is also a Sliver of Preservation, as he served as the Shard's Vessel between the death of Leras and the Ascension of Vin.[2][12]

When Tanavast, the Vessel of Honor, died, he left a Cognitive Shadow that merged with the Stormfather.[16][17] As a result, the Stormfather is also a Sliver,[18] though he may not fit into standard categories as well as most entities do.[19] Because of the Stormfather's Nahel bond to Dalinar Kholin, Dalinar may have become something like a Sliver; Odium refers to Dalinar as having Ascended after he opened Honor's Perpendicularity at the Battle of Thaylen Field,[20] but Dalinar's exact status after this event remains unclear.[21]

Telsin Ladrian, who was on the path to becoming an avatar of Autonomy, claims that she would be a Sliver of Autonomy once she is fully Invested.[22]

While most scholars would not consider Nightblood or Hoid to be Slivers, some might argue that they are because of the amount of Investiture they have accumulated.[5][6]


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