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Vessel Bavadin[1]
Slivers None
Splinters None
Status Whole
Magics Sand mastery
Residence Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Autonomy is a Shard of Adonalsium held by Bavadin.[1] It has been confirmed that Bavadin is located on Taldain, the planet of White Sand.[2]


Autonomy wants to remain Autonomous. Autonomy does not want to be corrupted by other Shards and thinks the Shards are better on their own.[3]


Bavadin is referenced in a letter from Hoid, who has a grudge against Bavadin and Rayse.[4] It is unclear whether Bavadin and Rayse are allies, or if Hoid has a different reason to have a grudge against Bavadin. Bavadin is widely worshiped on Taldain; some peoples worship entire pantheons in which every member is actually an aspect of Autonomy.[5]

Bavadin is also referenced by Khriss in her essay on the Taldain system. Khriss writes that Bavadin supports a policy of strict isolationism for Taldain (to the detriment of Taldanian expatriates), while simultaneously being willing to meddle in the affairs of other worlds. Khriss also identifies Bavadin using female pronouns [6], though Bavadin appears in many different personas on Taldain.[5]

At some point Autonomy has had interactions with the Ghostbloods.[7]


Autonomy is able to create avatars, personas that can act independently from Autonomy. Avatars can have any gender or race and some don't have human appearances.[5] Avatars are considered to be Shards of Adonalsium, in a way.[8] Autonomy can create avatars on Shardworlds without physically visiting them.[9] Avatars can also form without a direct and conscious decision on Autonomy's part, but she will always be aware of it happening.[10]

With this, Autonomy has created several male personas, and has often appeared as male for one purpose or another. She has more female personas than male ones. There are some people who worship entire pantheons where every member is actually Autonomy. She prefers to allow her avatars to become the focus of attention.[5]

Patji is an avatar located on First of the Sun and has an unknown amounts and origins of Investiture.[11][8] Autonomy is also known as the Sand Lord on Taldain[12] and has appeared in many different personas there.[5]

Another avatar exists on Obrodai, where she has recently begun to manifest there. She has been instilled with a great dislike of Hoid in order to prevent him from returning there.[13]

One of Autonomy's avatars wrote a letter to Hoid that mentions First of the Sun and dismisses Hoid's concern about Odium.[14][15][8]


  • Someone would be able to use Autonomy’s Investiture on a different Shardworld if the light particles from Taldain’s star were able to reach that world.[16]


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