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Nation Lossand
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Lraezare is a city in Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain.[1]


The city is located on the delta of the Ry'Do Ali River, where it enters the Southern Border Ocean.[1] It is about a three-day round trip from Kezare. It appears to have a relatively arid climate, and it has steep hills near the water's edge.[2]


It is one of the largest ports south of Kezare. The Shipowners' Circle, the ruling council of the Helm, is located in Lraezare. It is also the residence of Lord Admiral Lokkall.[2]


When Kenton was trying to gain support for the Taisha vote regarding the Diem, Vey disappeared, hoping to avoid him. Khrissalla was able to learn that he was in Lraezare. Naimeer, the dockmaster in Kezare and Vey's nephew, tried to prevent Kenton from sailing out of Kezare, but then-Lord Admiral Delius intervened on Kenton's behalf and joined his party for the journey.[2]

In Lraezare, Kenton was able to confront Vey with the knowledge of his debt to the Diem, securing his vote. Delius was also able to manipulate the Helm into replacing him as Lord Admiral, restoring his ability to own property, including a large fleet of ships. His regained mercantile power allowed him to threaten Lokkall into giving the Diem his vote. Delius, Kenton, and their team then quickly departed for Kezare.[2]


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