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Ethnicity Elisian
Region Darkside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

The Kingdom of Elis is an independent nation on the Darkside of the planet Taldain.[1] People from Elis are known as Elisians.


Elisians have dark brown skin, dark eyes, and dark hair. They commonly prefer to take their tea with cinnamon.[2]


Relations between Elis and the Dynasty are strained. Prince Gevalden journeyed to Dayside hoping to gain the aid of the sand masters as a weapon to use against the empire.[3]

Though the Darksider population in Lonzare is quite diverse, there are apparently no Elisians living there. This is presumably due to the restrictions and control that the Dynasty has enforced, limiting travel between Darkside and Dayside.[2]

Notable Elisians[edit]


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