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by User: Botanicaxu
Abilities Worldhopping
Groups Seventeenth Shard
Ethnicity Darksider
World Taldain
Featured In White Sand, The Stormlight Archive

Baon is a soldier from the Darkside of Taldain.[1] He has a "brutish frame" and is a skilled fighter, but he speaks eloquently and proves to be very perceptive.[2]

You know a lot about war, dear man. Of course, that’s what you’re paid for!
—Cynder to Baon[3]


On Taldain[edit]

Baon travelled with Khrissalla, Cynder, and Jon Acron to Dayside. Cynder stated that Baon knows a lot about war.[3] He carried multiple pistols and proved to be a proficient fighter as his group traveled to Kezare with Kenton.[4] He followed Khriss everywhere and took orders from her, appearing to be her guard. When Baon recognized Loaten he drew his gun and asserted that the man is a traitor before Khriss commanded him to stand down.[5]

There’s something they don’t teach you in your university, duchess—the unlearned aren’t as stupid as you think.

On Roshar[edit]

Blunt was the nickname Ishikk assigned to Baon as he was hunting for Hoid at the Purelake on Roshar.[6] He was tall and broad-shouldered, but lean and muscled, with hair that was short and dark. Ishikk believes the name he provided, Vao, is a false name, though it could be that Baon provided his actual name. Baon was accompanied by Galladon[7] and Demoux.[8] It seems likely that he is a member of the Seventeenth Shard, and if so it is possible that his master is the recipient of The Letter.[9]

Baon wondered if there was something to the abilities that the Purelakers ascribed to their fish, but Galladon thought he had a tendency to believe in superstition. Baon also spoke Selan well.


Baon had the ability to Worldhop,[10] and had the build and attitude of a soldier.[6]


  • Long before the concept of the Cosmere was developed, Baon appeared as Doram in the first story Brandon ever wrote.[11]
  • Baon was also previously called Bowen before the linguistics of Taldain were worked out. [1]


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