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Abilities Sand master
Titles Acolent
Groups Diem
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

Dirin is a sand master living in Kezare, on the Dayside of Taldain.

Personality and Appearance[edit]

Dirin is a young man with red hair and light skin. He believes that a sand master's actions should determine their rank rather than merely their natural strength.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Dirin is a weak sand master who is barely able to control one ribbon.[1] He makes up for this by being skilled at bureaucracy and running the day to day operations of the Diem.


Dirin was admitted into the Diem and is currently an acolent. He became friends with Kenton while the two were acolents together, even though Kenton was much older than him. After Kenton's run through the Mastrell's Path Dirin attended him in his tent until Traiben sent him away so he could speak about the Path's secrets with Kenton. Kenton and Dirin discussed rumors about Drile's infractions before the ceremony in the Kerla began.[2] Dirin, being one of the weaker sand masters, wasn't targeted by the Kerztians who attacked the Diem during the ceremony, and was one of the few sand masters who survived the massacre. After the battle, Dirin returned to the Diem in Kezare with the other surviving sand masters.[3]

Grains of sand will only flow with the winds, Kenton, never against them.


Dirin showed respect for Drile's higher rank despite his frustration with the man's imperious leadership. Believing Drile would be raised by the Taishin as the new Lord Mastrell, Dirin returned to the Diem to retrieve a mastrell's sash when he found Kenton sitting there in mourning. Dirin informed Kenton of the Taishin's meeting and the two left together for the Hall of Judgement. Upon learning that Kenton was made a mastrell prior to the attack, Dirin encouraged Kenton to assert his rank over Drile and take on the role of Lord Mastrell.[3]

After Kenton prevented the immediate disbanding of the Diem and was made acting Lord Mastrell, Dirin served as his assistant in running the Diem and serving Kenton and his guests. Kenton had Dirin to set up ladders to the upper levels of the Diem so that guests and weaker sand masters would be able to access them.[4] Later Dirin hired workers to build permanent staircases in every corner of the Diem.[5]

After Kenton challenged Drile to a duel, in an attempt to find a way to defeat Drile, Kenton and Dirin experimented with different ways of using ribbons to attack other ribbons. Through their experiments, Kenton realized that the advantage of having so many ribbons was that they could be used to disrupt the opposing master's ribbons with ease, and that he would have to find a way to control more ribbons if he was going to defeat Drile.[1]

Dirin brought Delius' messenger, who had come to invite Kenton and Khriss to a ball in his honor.[1] Later, he brought news to Kenton that the Lady Mason had heard of Kenton's antics at the construction site, where he had saved some of Trell's workers, and, impressed by what Kenton had done, was going to vote for the Diem.[6]

During Kenton's duel with Drile he remarked to Elorin that Kenton always believed that he could do more with one ribbon than anyone else could do with dozens, and that this was how he was winning against Drile. After Kenton defeated Drile and won the vote of the Taishin, Dirin came to get him, saying that Drile wanted to speak with him.[7]


Kenton always insisted he could do more with one ribbon than anyone else could do with dozens, Elorin. He always said that.

—Dirin to Elorin while watching Kenton's duel with Drile.[7]


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