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Abilities Sand master
Titles Undermastrell
Groups Diem
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Undermastrell Elorin is a Lossandin sand master on the Dayside of Taldain. Elorin served as an assistant to Lord Mastrell Praxton, the leader of the Diem.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Elorin has yellow eyebrows, green eyes, and a bald head.[1] Elorin is deferential to his superiors--especially Lord Mastrell Praxton.


Kenton petitioned Elorin for his sponsorship to attempt running the Mastrell's Path. After multiple warnings, citing the difficulty of the Path and Kenton's weakness, Elorin allowed Kenton to proceed. He explained the rules of the challenge and allowed Kenton to bring a sword, as Kenton's request was not explicitly forbidden.

Elorin was deeply concerned for Kenton's safety when he was attacked by the sandling on the Mastrell's Path, yelling to Kenton multiple times that he should ask for help to receive assistance. When Kenton refused, he asked Praxton to intervene, but was compliant when the Lord Mastrell denied his request. He rushed to Kenton after the test, calling for water, and was present when Kenton awoke the next day. Elorin encouraged Kenton not to attend the advancement ceremony, sensing that the Lord Mastrell was displeased with Kenton's actions.[2]

During the advancement ceremony, Elorin was responsible for beginning the ceremony by passing the bowl of water and welcoming the assembly. He then read from a scroll, called forth those who would be advanced, and announced their new rank.[3]

Elorin was presumed dead by Kenton after the Kerztian attack on the Diem. He returned to the Diem some time later, after Kenton's claim to the Lord Mastrell title. He fears he may have overmastered and is hesitant to attempt using sand mastery again after the attack.[4]


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