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Died Killed by Kenton[1]
Abilities Sand master
Titles Undermastrell
Groups Diem
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Undermastrell Elorin is a Lossandin sand master on the Dayside of Taldain. Elorin serves as an assistant to Lord Mastrells Praxton and Kenton.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Elorin has yellow eyebrows, green eyes, and a bald head.[2] He wears the standard uniform of a sand master with a yellow sash. Elorin is deferential to his superiors--especially Lord Mastrell Praxton.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Although towards the end of his life he refuses to use his powers, Elorin is a sand master. As such he can manipulate Invested sand to form telekinetic ribbons and walls of sand.[2]


Kenton petitioned Elorin for sponsorship on his attempt at running the Mastrell's Path in the Kerla. After multiple warnings, citing the difficulty of the Path and Kenton's weakness, Elorin allowed Kenton to proceed. He explained the rules of the challenge and allowed Kenton to bring a sword, as Kenton's request was not explicitly forbidden.

Elorin was deeply concerned for Kenton's safety when he was being attacked by the sandling on the Mastrell's Path, yelling to Kenton multiple times that he has to ask for help in order for him to receive assistance. When Kenton refused, he asked Praxton to intervene, but was compliant when the Lord Mastrell denied his request.[3] He rushed to Kenton after the test, calling for water, and was present when Kenton woke up the next day. Elorin encouraged Kenton not to attend the advancement ceremony, ostensibly because the Lord Mastrell was displeased with Kenton's actions,[2] but in truth he wanted him to stay away because he knew the Kerztians were going to attack the Diem that day, and wanted to protect his friend from the oncoming massacre.[1]

During the advancement ceremony, Elorin poisoned the ceremonial water bowl with KaDo. He then gave every sand master, except Drile who declined to partake, a drink from the bowl, poisoning the entire Diem. He opened the formalities by welcoming the assembly and then read names from a scroll, calling forth those who would be advanced, and announcing their new rank. During the ceremony a large group of Kerztian warrior-priests attacked the assembled sand masters in an attack coordinated by Elorin. Due to the fact that they had all been poisoned by the KaDo he had given them, the sand masters dehydrated and overmastered much quicker than normal, and the Kerztians killed out most of the Diem.[2][1]

Five months[4] before the ceremony in the Kerla the Sand Lord appeared to him in the shape of a towering figure made of sand. After he saw this, Elorin converted to the Ker'Reen faith, resigned his position as head of acolents, and quietly stopped using his powers without the other sand masters noticing. He was going to quit the Diem entirely but the A'Kar told him to stay in order to orchestrate its downfall from within.[1]

The Sand Lord appeared to me. When your god commands, Lord Mastrell, you listen.

—Elorin to Kenton shortly before his death.[1]

When he returned to the Diem after the attack and met now Lord Mastrell Kenton, he said that he went south to his home village but didn't fit in there and so he returned. He claimed to have overmastered and lost his powers, but later he admitted that he never lost them, just that with his new faith he couldn't use his "evil" powers anymore. Kenton asked him to resume his duties as an assistant and he agreed. While at the Diem he coordinated attacks by Kerztian assassins against Kenton and Drile.[5][1] Later, at Khriss' suggestion, Kenton tasked Elorin, alongside Dirin, with running all of the Diem's day to day functions. Kenton told all sand masters with questions to ask Elorin instead of him.[6]

Elorin presided over Kenton's duel with Drile and gave each of them to drink from separate ceremonial bowls. Elorin used KaDo to poison Drile's bowl in a plot to ensure a weak leader would rule the Diem. His plot succeeded and Kenton defeated the more powerful Drile. After the fight Kenton and Drile realized that something was wrong during their fight. Drile said that he felt the same weakness he felt that day in the Kerla. Kenton was surprised because he had thought Drile was the one who had betrayed the Diem in the Kerla. Together they quickly surmised that it must have been Elorin who betrayed them. Kenton confronted Elorin, and Elorin admitted to have been working to cause the Diem's downfall for the past six months. Elorin said that two days have passed and he is allowed to try again. He raised his zinkall towards Kenton and fired a terken dart at the same time that Kenton sent a ribbon of sand towards him. Elorin missed and Kenton's ribbon went through his heart, killing him.[1]


Before his conversion, Elorin was close friends with Kenton, and repeatedly tries to save his life.[2]


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