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Kerla Excerpt.jpg
Region Dayside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere

A wind moans through crevices in the stone and sends fine grains of bone-white sand tumbling. There's only one place in the dune-covered expanse of the Kerla that such rock protusions exist. Here, beside Mount KraeDa, where the unmoving sun watches straight overhead. . .


The Kerla is any region of desert on the Dayside of Taldain where sand is moderately deep, dorim vines are close to the surface, and both flora and fauna are plentiful under the sand; but sandlings cannot grow to dangerous sizes because both the sand depth and dorim vines limit their growth.[2] Most of Kerzta is considered Kerla, along with regions to the north of Lossand, and around Mount KraeDa.[3] The Kerla is not considered a desert by Daysiders since dorim vines are found there.[4]

The Mastrell's Path is found in the Kerla at the southwest base of Mount KraeDa.[2] This region of the Kerla is separated from the Rim Kingdoms of Tallon, Seevis, and Denka by a mountain range east of the Mount KraeDa Kerla.[3]

The Diem of the Sand Masters meets in the Kerla near Mount KraeDa for training and other ceremonies. During an advancement ceremony on the Kerla, they were betrayed and many members of the Diem were massacred by Kerztians.[5]


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