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Region Dayside
Nation Lossand
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Kezare is the capital city of Lossand, one of the more prominent countries on the Dayside of Taldain.


Kezare sits on the southern side of the wheel that is the Dayside continent, about halfway between the center and the coast. It is on the banks of the Ry'Do Ali River.[1]


The city consists of permanent structure,s many of which were constructed with the help of the sand masters.[2]

  • The Diem - The Diem is the building which houses the sand masters and also serves as headquarters for the Profession whose name it shares. The building was carved from a single block of white sandstone and
  • The Hall of Judgement - The Hall of Judgement is the the headquarters of the Profession whose name it shares. The Taisha meeting chambers are inside the Hall of Judgement.[3]
  • The Tower - The Tower is the headquarters of the Profession whose name it shares. It houses the soldiers of Lossand and is the dwelling of the Lord General.
  • Lonzare - Lonzare is the city's Darksider quarter.[2]


Like the rest of Lossand, Kezare is ruled by the Taishin and is policed by the Trackts. Most of the Taishin live in Kezare.[4]

Notable Residents[edit]


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