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Hall of Judgement

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Hall of Judgement
Owners Taishin
Usage Government
City Kezare
Nation Lossand
World Taldain
Featured In White Sand
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The Hall of Judgement serves as the headquarters for the Profession led by the Lady Judge, Heelis.[1]

The Taisha Meeting Hall, a chamber within the Hall of Judgement, is the meeting place of Lossand's ruling council, the Taishin. This meeting chamber is a large, circular room with a high ceiling. Around the perimeter of the room are seats at different levels for those who attend meetings, with seats for each Taisha just above the main floor. Visitors who address the Taishin speak from the open floor. The Taishin met at the Hall of Judgement to discuss and vote on disbanding the Diem.[2]

The Trackt Hall, headquarters for the trackts, is also located within the Hall of Judgement.[1]

A clerk sits at a desk outside the main entrance to the Hall of Judgement and is responsible for greeting, admitting, and announcing visitors.[2]

Khrissalla visited the Hall of Judgement in hopes of meeting with the Lady Judge to discuss Gevalden's activity in Kezare.[1]


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