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Sand Lord
Sand Lord.jpg
Abilities Potential Avatar of Autonomy
Aliases Sun Lord
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

The Sand Lord, sometimes referred to as the Sun Lord, is a deity worshipped on the Dayside of Taldain.[1]

Religion and Culture[edit]


The Sand Lord plays a prominent role in the monotheistic Ker'reen religion of Kerzta, which teaches that he is embodied in the sun.[1] They believe the sand is his body and the sun is his eye, and view sand mastery as heretical because it corrupts the sand.[2] Ais is seen praying to the "Sun Lord", which appears to be another name that Kerztians use for the Sand Lord.[3]


By tradition, the sand masters have always been atheists--but even they turn to the Sand Lord when it comes to a lost cause like me.

The upper class of Lossand known as the Kelzin includes many Kerztian expatriates and other followers of Ker'reen.[1] However, belief in the Sand Lord is not universal in the country. Notably, the sand masters of the Diem are known to be atheists.[4] Still, all Daysiders feel a spiritual bond with the sun, including those that do not worship it.[1] Lossandins commonly swear to the Sand Lord or invoke his name in everyday conversation; this includes Lady Judge Heelis[5] and many sand masters, even including Lord Mastrell Praxton.[4]

Role in International Relations[edit]

Kerztians hate the disbelievers of the Diem[6] and regard sand mastery as an unholy abomination.[4][7] Since the Diem is an integral part of Lossand's government, Kerztians generally regard Lossandins as infidels.[7] This religious clash between the two countries has caused many wars in the past.[1] Lokmlen and Vey call Ais a traitor to Kerzta due to her work for the Lossandin government, including the protection of Kenton; they both tell her that her soul will be judged by the Sand Lord.[8][9]

Cosmere Significance[edit]

The Sand Lord is actually a persona of the Shard of Adonalsium known as Autonomy[10][11] and its Vessel, Bavadin.[12][13] It is one of many personas used by Bavadin; she prefers to let her personas attract attention rather than becoming directly involved, and wishes to crowd out the competition, out-competing other Shards by filling the Cosmere with versions of herself.[14][15]

Taldain's sunlight actually contains Autonomy's Investiture.[11] Autonomy's presence on Taldain currently prevents worldhoppers from easily accessing the planet.[11][16]


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