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Sand (Taldain)

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Sand (Taldain)
Related to Sand mastery, Investiture
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand, The Stormlight Archive
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I am told that it is not the sand itself, but something that grows upon it, that exhibits the strange properties.

White sand is the Invested sand found on the Dayside of Taldain that is used to perform Sand mastery.

Acquisition and Properties[edit]

White sand can be found on Taldain's Dayside. The whiteness of the sand, due to a microorganism which lives on the surface of the sand particles, indicates that the sand is Invested. White sand glows when used in sand mastery, and then turns black afterwards. The glow is colored like a rainbow, with bright colors that can only be seen in darkness and is seen as a white glow in the light.[2][3] The sand will also glow and turn black when touched by water or other liquids.[2] The microorganism requires four hours of exposure to sun above Dayside in order to be Reinvested and turn white again.[4] The sand can also be recharged by other highly Invested things, such as highstorms, and will still be masterable.[5] The organisms can survive and spread on other planets, but would need Investiture to do so.[6] More organisms can be made with proper materials and a seed of the original.[1]


Sand mastery[edit]

Sand mastery makes use of white sand. Sand mastery allows for the manipulation of ribbons of sand, where the most powerful sand masters can utilize over two dozen.[3]

Detecting Investiture[edit]

The organisms in the sand react to Investiture, and if allowed to fade, will turn white again in the presence of kinetic Investiture.[7][8] This can be used similar to a Seeker to tell when someone is using kinetic Investiture.[7] Due to this it is very useful and highly valued across the cosmere.[citation needed] This can be used to measure the strength of Investiture.[9]


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