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Headquarters Kezare
Type Council
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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The Taishin, or the council of guilds, are the ruling body of the country of Lossand. It is composed of eight members who represent the eight Professions of Lossand.


The Taishin are composed of the following people:[1]

  • The Lord Mastrell of the Diem's sand masters. Currently "acting" Lord Mastrell is Kenton.
  • The Lady Judge of the Hall of Judgement's judges and commander of the trackts. Currently Lady Judge Heelis.
  • The Lord General of the Tower's soldiers. Currently Lord Raagent.
  • The Lord Admiral currently held by Delius and resides at Helm's Rest.
  • The Lord Merchant currently held by Vey and resides at the Golden Market of the Guild.
  • The Lord Farmer currently held by Lord Gennel and resides at the Farmers Congress.
  • The Lord Artisan currently held by Lord Rite and resides at the Artisan Conference Center.
  • The Lord Mason current occupant unknown and resides at the Mason Center.

Though Nilto is referred to as the "Lord Beggar", he is not a member of the Taishin; but is influential among the people nonetheless.


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