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Died [1]
Titles Lord Merchant[1]
Groups Taishin, The Guild
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere

His name was Hennin. An idiot of a Lord Merchant who acquired the position unearned after two relatives died and left him separate fortunes!


Hennin was a historical Lord Merchant centuries before Vey.


Hennin became Lord Merchant when two of his relatives died leaving him two separate fortunes. The Lord Mastrell of his time started a personal account with Hennin, and told Hennin to put the Diem's tribute money into the account. Hennin ruled for a long time until he lost his fortune and with it his position.

Thus each Quarter the Lord Merchant sends two thousand lak of his personal fortune to the Diem which the Lord Mastrell returns with instructions that it be deposited in the private account, adding to the blasted debt.


When the next Lord Merchant took over he discovered that a vast sum was now owed to the Diem, the original tributes and a large amount of interest, and since a new Lord Merchant inherits all of the incumbent's debts as well as his fortune, the debt has increased to the point where it is impossible to pay back.[1]

The Lord Mastrell was willing to keep the debt secret so long as the Lord Merchant kept paying the tribute. The Lady Judge's predecessor knew about the debt and ruled that the Lord Merchant must pay the debt in full when the Lord Mastrell asks for it. Instead of demanding that Vey pay the debt, Kenton forgave the debt, earning Vey's respect and causing him to vote for the Diem.


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