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Type Currency
World of Origin Taldain
Universe Cosmere

Lak is the currency of all nations in Dayside on Taldain.[1] They are coins that vary in color, made of rare and valuable semi-precious gemstones, cut into a circular shape.[1][2][fn 1] Lak are referred to by their color, and when no color is mentioned, blue lak are presumed.[1]

The average daily salary for middle and upper-class worker is two-hundred-fifty lak, often given as fifty green lak or twenty-five red lak.[1]

Some merchants deal in both lak and Kerztian currency.[4]

Lak Coinage[1]
Value Name Material
1/2 Grey Granite
1 Blue Blue and White Marble
5 Green Jade
10 Red Tiger's eye or Red and Black Hematite
20 White White Marble
50 Gold Amber
100 Silver Hematite


  1. A rectangular currency that has a denomination stamped in each corner and a symbol stamped in the center is seen in the Darkside enclave within Kezare.[3] It is not clear if this is another form of lak or a separate Darkside currency.


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