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Allstren Cynder
Profession Linguist
Ethnicity Darksider
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Allstren Cynder is a professor and a linguist from the Darkside of Taldain.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cynder is an older man with dark skin and a bald head. He frequently squabbles with Jon Acron over inconsequential matters.


But this isn’t Darkside, Jon. It’s a new culture, one in the process of blending. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a contact language developing--a pidgin between Dynastic and Lossandin.


Professor Cynder traveled to Dayside with Khrissalla, Baon, and Jon Acron. He and Acron were fascinated with the cultural and linguistic differences of Dayside. When they were passing through Ker Kedasha he was barely able to understand some of a speech delivered by the A'Kar.[3]

After losing their guide and running out of water, Cynder and Baon found Kenton passed out in a tent, dehydrated from his fight with the Kerztians, and helped revive him. When he and the travelling party were ambushed by Kerztian warriors on their way to Kezare, Cynder was shot in the arm by a zinkall arrow. Kenton showed him how to remove the arrow safely by pouring water on the wound.[3]

Upon arriving in Kezare the group discovered Lonzare, the Darksider section of the city. Cynder was thrilled by the mixing of Darkside and Lossandin culture. He suspected that a pidgin between Dynastic and Lossandin could be developing among the people living there.[2]

The lock on Cynder's luggage malfunctioned and was repaired by Khriss as she, unsuccessfully, sought meetings with the Taishin.[4] After her meeting with Kenton Cynder, while playing a game of chess with Acron, suggested that she use her diplomatic skills to help out the Diem.[5]

He discussed the differences between Dayside sand that had been ingested by a sandling, Dayside sand that had water poured on it, and Darkside sand with Khriss when she was doing experiments in her bedroom.[6]

Cynder and Acron, having found more saltpeter for Baon to use, interrupted Khriss and Baon as she was confronting him about the incident with Deral and his lieutenant. Shocked by what he saw, Cynder dropped the container of saltpeter to the ground where it shattered. Baon then left taking his pistols with him.[7]

After Kenton "accepted" Khriss as a trainee sand master, Khriss, Cynder, and Acron moved into the Diem. After they had arrived, Cynder remarked how strange it was for Baon to have turned out to be a spy,since he was always so loyal. He then suggested that any of them might also be a spy. Acron laughed it off, calling his suggestion "preposterous", and Acron joined him, laughing as well. Khriss gave Gevalden's pistol, which she had received from Nilto, to Cynder so he could use it to guard her. He accompanied Khriss when she went with Kento to visit Vey.[8]

Acron went with Khriss, Kenton, and Delius when they went to Lraezare to find Vey. He helped Khriss revive Kenton when he passed out from overmastery.[9]

He went with Khriss to watch Kenton's duel with Drile. Two weeks after the final vote of the Taishin on the Diem's fate, Khriss, Baon, and Cynder set sail for Elis, taking Dirin with them.[10]


Cynder: Oh we're not going to have this discussion again are we, Jon?

Acron: They're maintaining culture first--language is only a by-product.
Cynder: Yes, well I'm the linguist, which means I get to name it.

—Cynder speaking to Acron.[2]


  • In White Sand Volume 1 Jon Acron and Cynder's speech bubbles are occasionally misattributed, particularly when they converse with one another. Noting the clothing of the speaker and context of the quote is required to catch these mistakes. For example, Acron wears white in most of Volume 1, though in at least one frame their clothing was switched.[11]


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