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Profession Soldier
Ethnicity Darksider
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared White Sand

Torth is an Elisian soldier who traveled with Duchess Khrissalla's expedition to Dayside, along with Captain Deral and his unnamed lieutenant, Flennid and another unnamed soldier.[1][2] His fate is unknown.


Torth wears tricorne hat of the Elisian military and the gray jacket of an Elisian soldier. His pants are khaki and paired with brown calf-length boots.[1][3]


On deck of the ship after passing through the Terminal Storm, Professor Cynder notices Flennid checking his firearm openly while chatting with Private Torth and the third soldier. Baon admonishes the group that they were ordered to keep their firearms hidden. When they arrive in the Kerztian port of Dosha-Har'Ken, Flennid and Torth disembark, leaving the third soldier on the ship to assist in offloading their luggage while Private Torth guards the offloaded supplies on the dock. [1]

While travelling the Kerla, near Esh'Ker'Losh, Flennid warns Private Torth to watch for trouble from the warriors they pass.[3]

Upon arriving at the Diem's tents near Mount KraeDa, Flennid and Torth ride ahead because of the possibility of finding water—instead they discovered the massacre of the sand masters. When Torth showed Daazk one of the sashes, Daazk panicked and fled, shouting the Kerztian word for sand masters—Ry'Kensha. Flennid, not understanding the situation, thought he was yelling to summon an ambush and shot him in the back as he rode away. Baon orders Torth to assist Flennid in recovering Daazk's body to bring back to the tents. While Khriss and Baon are in the tent inventorying supplies, Flennid and Torth stole the tonk that carried the party's water and food, then fled back in the direction of the port.[4]


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