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The 17th Shard is the official Brandon Sanderson fansite dedicated to all of the works of fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

Founded by Josh and Mi'chelle Walker as Hoid's Compendium, the site reopened in the summer of 2010 as the 17th Shard. The name was recommended by Brandon upon his discovery and blessing of the site.


for discussing and theorizing Brandon's works
The Coppermind
a one-stop comprehensive resource for Brandon, his books, and the Cosmere
an archive of Q&As, interviews, and other Words of Brandon.
Mistborn: The Inquisition
the Mistborn RPG run by some of the forum staff
A podcast hosted by 17th Shard
A Discord chatroom for general discussion of things relating to Brandon Sanderson
Archive of the Timewasters Guide forum

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