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Peter Ahlstrom is an employee of Dragonsteel Entertainment. He was formerly Brandon Sanderson's assistant and is currently Dragonsteel's editorial director.[1]

Brandon has been known to describe Peter as "Incalculable", "Indivisible", "Insoluble", "Incandescent", "Inevitable", "Immaculate", "Inseparable", "Interpolated" and "Instant". Some of these adjectives make no sense, an in-joke that has persisted in Brandon's acknowledgements for years.[2]

Brandon met Peter while attending Brigham Young University. Peter was an editor for several anime comics, including several for TOKYOPOP, before being hired by Brandon in 2007(ish).

Peter has several cameos in Brandon's work. There's "Ahlstrom Square" in Luthadel,[3] "Ahlstrom Tower" in Elendel,[4] Lieutenant Ahlstrom in Shadows of Self, a "Lord Peterus" in Alloy of Law, and the "Ahlstrom Loop" flight maneuver in Skyward. In the Alcatraz series, the green jacket Alcatraz wears is actually Peter's green jacket.[citation needed] Peet, a member of Bridge Four, is also a cameo;[5] Peet's fiancée Ka is a cameo for Peter's wife, Karen Ahlstrom.[6] Peter is currently married with three children.


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