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Died Killed by Flennid[1]
Ethnicity Daysider
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

Daazk is a guide on Dayside. He was hired by Khriss and was killed by Flennid.[2][1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]



Daazk is an upbeat young Kerztian who has not yet joined a DaiKeen and does not wear a symbol. He has a warm brown skin tone and wears a white kaffiyeh with a yellow shirt, mauve robes and a tan vest.[3]


Daazk met Duchess Khrisalla's party while they were negotiating with his uncle, the only merchant in Dosha-Har'Ken to learn Dynastic and specialize in outfitting Darksider parties travelling across the Kerla. His uncle recommended him as a guide for travelling to the Lossandin capital, Kezare.[2]

While travelling the Kerla, near Esh'Ker'Losh, he tried to show Khriss how to find dorim vines, but did not know enough Dynastic to explain the process, and she ignored his apparant waste of water and asked him to take them to the base of Mount KraeDa.[3]

Upon arriving at the Diem's tents near Mount KraeDa, they discovered the massacre of the sand masters. When Torth showed him one of the sashes, Daazk panicked and fled, shouting the Kerztian word for sand masters—Ry'Kensha. Flennid, not understanding the situation, thought he was yelling to summon an ambush and shot him in the back as he rode away.[1]


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