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Children son
Titles Lord Admiral (former)
Groups Taishin (former), Helm
Residence Kezare
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

Delius is a former Lord Admiral, the Taisha of the Helm, on the Dayside of Taldain.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Delius has long brown hair and stubble on his face. He maintains the facade of a drunken sot, constantly drinking, or as he puts it, wasting wine. He wears a blue coat over a white shirt and brown pants. He carries an ornamental sword with him held in a sheath at his waist held in place by a long shoulder strap.[1]


Yes, I'd committed the same sin twice--the sin of success.

—Delius to Kenton.[2]

When he was a young man Delius was a member of the Guild. He was very successful and was 20,000 lak short of becoming the next Lord Merchant. Vey suggested to him that they finance a lakstone mine together. Delius put all of his fortune and effort into the project to no avail. After five unsuccessful years Delius, broke, was forced to sell the mine to his partner, Vey. One week later Vey found a vein of lakstone, and with the fortune he soon earned from the mine, he became the new Lord Merchant.[2]

I had hundreds of lak worth of ships and they took it all from me, Kenton. I'm going to make them regret that decision...

—Delius to Kenton.[2]

Delius quit the Guild in disgust and joined the Helm. Within a decade he had amassed a large fleet of merchant ships, one of the largest such fleets on all of Dayside. However, during his time at the Helm he neglected the importance of the Shipowners' Circle who took all of his fortune away from him by "honoring" him with the position of Lord Admiral. As Lord Admiral he was not allowed any possessions and the Helm provided him with three things: a house, a ship when he needed it, and as much food and drink as he wanted. As soon as the shock of it settled in, Delius began plotting his revenge and comeback. As revenge for what they did to him he took on the role of a sot, drinking bottle after bottle of expensive wine at the Helm's expense. He had his son buy up a new fleet of ships in his own name to get around the Helm's restrictions on what he could own. He "hired" his son as his steward and prepared documents that, when he signed them, would transfer ownership of the fleet from his son to himself. He had his son carry these documents with him at all times and bided his time, waiting for an opportunity to strike back at the Helm.[2]

As long as I'm working against Vey I know I am doing something good--even if I don't pay much attention to what is actually happening

—Delius to Kenton.[1]

Due to his hatred for Vey, throughout his time as Taisha he would oppose him in every way he could, in every vote of the council he would vote for the opposite of what Vey did, regardless of the consequences for himself or the Helm.[1] In the first vote of the Taishin on the subject, he was the only one to vote for the Diem's retention.[3]

The Helm sent two messengers to visit his home in Kezare to attempt to convince him to curb his drinking due to the cost and disgrace it was causing to their Profession. He called their suggestions boring and refused to listen to them. As the two messengers were leaving Lord Mastrell Kenton arrived with Aarik and Ais to meet with him. Delius offered each of them some wine to drink, Kenton refused, but Aarik happily accepted. Kenton asked Delius, bluntly, if he would be voting for him in the upcoming vote on the Diem's fate. Delius replied that he was going to vote the opposite of whatever Vey would vote, and that no amount of convincing him will change his mind. Kenton tried to convince him, but Delius told him that he would simply rather not think about it. After Kenton left Delius and his son discussed the political situation of Lossand. His son explained to him that most of the Kelzin are Kerztian and therefore they hate the Diem and its sand masters.[1]

Delius. The only man in Lossand who could collapse drunk before the party even begins!

—Kenton to Khriss.[4]

Delius invited Kenton and his "Darkside beauty", Khriss, to a ball he was throwing in Kenton's honor.[5] At the ball Delius shakily got up and, his speech slurred, announced that he would be voting for the Diem in the upcoming vote. As soon as he finished he promptly collapsed in a heap, stone drunk. Delius' son and some other aides helped him get back to a chair to recover.[4] After he recovered he and his steward went to join Kenton and Khriss where they had taken seats outside by the fountain. Kenton introduced Delius to Khriss and the three of them discussed the differences between social life on Dayside compared to Darkside. When Kenton expressed his frustration with the other Taishin to Delius, he explained that it was likely due to the fact that the A'kar was planning on cutting off all trade between Kerzta and Lossand if he won the Choosing in a few weeks time. However, it was rumored that the A'kar would reconsider this position if Lossand would rid itself of the sand masters.[6]

That man is more than just a drunken slob. Or at least he has the potential to be more.

—Khriss to Kenton.[6]

Kenton expressed his surprise that Delius would vote for the Diem when it was very much against his Profession's best interests. Delius said that Kenton clearly does not know much about his position, and departed, telling them to eat as much as they want and to "waste" some wine for him.[6]

Later, back at the Diem, Kenton read through the Helm's charter and discovered what the position of Lord Admiral truly entailed. He discovered that the position possessed no true power, all of the Helm's power belonged to the Shipowners' Circle, and the position of Lord Admiral is merely a figurehead position. When the Circle selects a new Lord Admiral, an "honor" which he is unable to refuse, he forfeits all of his possessions and is forbidden from owning any property. All he is given is a house to live in, an unlimited food and drinks budget, and any ship when he wants it. He realized that Delius is as trapped as he is, and his extravagant lifestyle is merely a way to get back at the Circle for what they did to him.[7]

Later, when Kenton was trying to hire a ship to Lraezare to find Vey and was being blocked by dockmaster NaiMeer who was not allowing him to set sail, Delius arrived with his steward to commandeer a ship for himself. He said to Kenton that, spontaeneously, he had decided to pay a visit to the Shipowners' Circle in Lraezare, and invited Kenton to join him on his trip. Kenton said that he was also going there, Delius remarked that it was a remarkable coincidence, and they set sail for Lraezare.[2]

When you steal a man's fortune, give him a title mocked and reviled by the rest of the nation--and when you give him five years to contemplate his hatred--make sure you never give him a chance to get revenge.

—Delius to the Shipowners' Circle.[2]

During the journey Delius told Kenton all about his history with Vey, the Guild, the Helm, and how he became Lord Admiral. When they arrived in Lraezare they found out that Vey is hiding in the house of Lokkall, the head of the Shipowners' Circle, and their group headed off to his house. While Kenton, Ais, and Vey are upstairs discussing their business together Delius and Lokkall have a standoff of their own. Lokkall told Delius that the Helm had had "need" of his ship and it had set sail, leaving him stranded in Lraezare. Delius responded that he would simply use his powers to commandeer another ship. Lokkall informed him that, by unanimous decision, the Circle had decided that they had had enough of his drunken antics, and were removing him from his position. Delius confirmed with Lokkall that he was serious and then turned to his steward and asked for the "documents". He signed them and gave them to Ais to look over and confirm that they were in order. He then announced that he was now the owner of a large fleet of ships, twelve of which were currently in Lraezare. He said that although he was barred from owning property, the Helm's charter never said anything about his servants, even if they were is own son. He instructed his son to command their fleet to monopolize access to the port of Kezare for the next month. This declaration sent the Circle into a panic over the losses this would cause them. Delius nominated Lokkall to be the new Lord Admiral, saying that if the Circle agreed he would reconsider his hasty order, and not block Kezare after all. The council unanimously agreed and made Lokkall into the new Lord Admiral. Delius told Lokkall that he was merciful, and would hold all of his possessions for him, and if he voted for the Diem he would nominate a new Lord Admiral and return his possessions to him. Kenton asked Deius why he was helping the Diem so much, and Delius replied that he empathized with the Diem's plight in the face of impossible odds, and that what was done to the Profession wasn't right. The group then set sail back to Kezare on board one of Delius' ships.[2]

During the journey they were attacked by Kerztian assassins trying to kill Kenton. After Aarik came to Kenton's rescue, Delius wanted to dump the bodies into the river and continue on their way, but Ais protested that they needed a proper Kerztian burial. Not wanting to start another fight, Delius reluctantly allowed her to do so.[8]

Delius attended Kenton's duel with Drile and the Taishin vote that followed to ensure that Lokkall kept his end of their bargain.[9]


Boring, boring, and boring! No, I shall face this world drunk, or I shan't face it at all. Thank you for the suggestion, but since I judge it to be inane, I shall ignore it.

—Delius to two messengers sent to him by the Helm.[1]

Steward, do you think we could knock down a few buildings to make this view more picturesque?

—Delius to his son.[1]

This world has given me little to believe in, Lord Mastrell. Those I thought were my friends betrayed me. The Profession I thought would protect me instead ripped my life away in exchange for this foolish mockery. A lesson for you, Perhaps?

—Delius to Kenton.[2]


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