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Titles Lord Admiral
Groups Taishin, The Helm
Ethnicity Daysider
Nationality Lossandin
Homeworld Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In White Sand

Lokkall is the current Lord Admiral of Lossand on the Dayside of Taldain. He is the Taisha at the head of the Helm. As such he has no actual power, as all of the true power of the Helm belongs to the Shipowners' Circle.[1]


He was the head of The Shipowners' Circle before Delius forced him to become the Lord Admiral. When Kenton and Delius arrive at the Shipowners' Circle in Lraezare in Lokkall's house, Lokkall says that the Circle had "need" of his ship and that it has departed, leaving Delius and Kenton stranded in Lraezare. Delius says that he will just commandeer another ship, and Lokkall declares that the Circle has had enough of Delius' drunkenness and they have unanimously decided to strip him of his title. Delius immediately asks his steward for "the documents" and signs them, transferring ownership of the fleet of ships that his son, the steward, was holding on his behalf to himself. Delius then announces that he is commanding his ships to monopolize access to the port of Kezare for the next month. Upon hearing this the Circle goes into a panic and so when Delius nominates Lokkall to be Lord Admiral, saying that if they vote for him he will not block Kezare, they unanimously agree, and Lokkall becomes the new Lord Admiral. Delius then tells Lokkall that he will hold all of the possessions that he just lost, and if he votes in favor of the Diem he will nominate a new Lord Admiral and return his possessions to him. Lokkall agrees, and votes "wholeheartedly" in favor of the Diem.[1][2]


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