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Capital Kezare
Region Dayside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand
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Lossand is a nation on the Dayside of Taldain. It is notable for being the home of the Diem.


Lossand is situated on the southern side of Dayside. Its borders form the shape of a wedge, stretching from KraeDa in the north to the southern Border Ocean in the south. Lossand is bordered by uninhabited deep sand to the east, the Kerla to the north, and Kerzta to the west.

The Ry'Do Ali River runs directly through the center of the nation and is joined by the Nor'Tallon River before emptying into the ocean. Though Lossand contains greater stretches of river than any other nation on Dayside, it is considered by Daysiders to be entirely desert due to a lack of dorim vines beneath the surface of the sand.


The capital, Kezare, is located in the northern half of Lossand, where the Ry'Do Ali and Nor'tallon Rivers meet. The city of Lraezare lies on the coast at the mouth of the Ry'Do Ali River.


Relations between Lossand and Kerzta were often strained in the past, primarily due to religious rhetoric from the Kerztian clergy who claim that Lossand is a desert because it is cursed by the Sand Lord. The Kerztian priest DaiKeen is particularly opposed to Lossand's acceptance of sand mastery. This left the two nations frequently in a state of war with one another.

Tensions were eased two hundred years ago when the the high merchant was selected as the new king of Kerzta, but growing support behind Kerzta's high priest has cast doubt on the possibility of continued peace.


Lossand is ruled by the Taishin--a council of the eight Profession heads, each representing a different sector of Lossand's economy. The eight Professions are established and regulated by the government, the head of each Profession being appointed by the Taishin itself. Recent tensions between the Sand Profession and the other seven Professions has led the Taishin to consider disbanding the Diem altogether.


Lossand contains a mix of many cultures. Many citizens of Lossand are ethnically Kerztian, and entire communities of Darksiders can be found. The most unique characteristic of Lossandin culture is the presence of the Diem of sand masters who, in the past, contributed to the nation's defense and infrastructure. While belief in the Sand Lord is not uncommon, there are no dominant organized religions.

Notable Lossandins[edit]


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